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Safe Features
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Figure 9-4. No data sources yet defined
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Passing Arguments to a Transformation
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public SimplePortlet() { }
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You used the SUM function to total the Quantity column of the Order Details table by OrderID. The alias provides a custom column header for the total:
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Circuit Design
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search portlet is compatible with any content indexed with Lucene. We demonstrate how to create a simple index from content on the file system. We also deliver the content for the search results inside the portlet. We create the Lucene search portlet in 10.
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Figure 1-1. Example web services and portal architecture
Opening XML Documents
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To use the RSS Link List plug-in on your page, you need to edit the page. Return to your administration pages and click Manage, then Pages. The Page Management page appears, as shown in Figure 15-23. From here, you can view, edit, and delete pages, as well as create new pages. Click the Edit link to the right of the page you just created. You need to add in a special tag to the text of the page. This tag will invoke one of the functions in the plug-in. Insert the following text into the page. You can even incorporate live RSS feeds into your pages like this one from, the social bookmarking site: <ul> <!--rss:> </ul> Save the page and view the page on your blog. You should get something similar to Figure 15-24. Wow! Where did that come from
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