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automated by using a log analyzer to help keep track of events on user systems. An excellent open source option is Swatch, which has been used by Unix systems administrators for a long time. It has been ported to Mac OS X, and can monitor just about any type of log you ll find. Other open source options are logsentry (formerly known as logcheck), a component of a security suite called Sentry Tools, and logwatch, both of which are available through MacPorts. There are also commercial options such as Sawmill, an analysis tool that can analyze hundreds of different log file formats, and Splunk, a monitoring and reporting tool that consolidates logs (as well as data from many other sources) into a searchable database.
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After you re finished with the header section, your report design surface should look similar to Figure 8-12.
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Implementing Local Simplifications
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CHAPTER 7: Adding the Game Controller
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Other Tools
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Simple data binding is a one-to-one association between an individual control property and a single element of a data source. You can use it for controls that show only one value at a time. If you modify the underlying data source, the control s Refresh method updates the bound value, reflecting any changes. To get comfortable with the idea, let s code a small Windows application that uses simple data binding to bind two TextBox controls to two different columns of the Northwind Employees table.
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export PATH="/usr/local/bin:$PATH"
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Note that not all of the methods will be called for all bean factory types because they are not always appropriate. For example, the setServletContext method in the ServletContextAware bean will be called only if the bean factory is a WebApplicationContext implementation or otherwise hosted within a servlet. Additional methods are called during the life cycle of a bean factory that is being discarded for example, during the removal of a Spring-based web application. Table 3-4 enumerates these methods.
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Figure 12-14. Close-up view of the Locals window Notice that the Me, e, and sender objects are part of a tree and can be uncollapsed to explore the objects in greater detail. Oftentimes when you are debugging, you need to examine the value of the variables or objects and when they change. Using the different windows just described will greatly aid in this process. (absolute)
Uninstalling Template Caching
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