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Fractals are one of the diamonds of mathematics. They show the beauty of mathematical structures visually, which allows non-experts to see something that is often hidden by formulas that few really appreciate. The Mandelbrot set is one of the most famous fractals. This section shows how to develop an application to browse this set. The result is shown in Figure 11-7. This application adopts the delegation programming style, subscribing to events rather than using inheritance to override the behavior of a component. This allows you to develop the application interactively using fsi.exe. This is a good example of how effectively you can use F# to develop an application interactively while retaining the performance of a compiled language, which is extremely important in such CPU-intensive tasks as computing the points of the Mandelbrot set.
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Figure 3 38. Choosing Hosted Services 2. When the Service Properties dialogue shown in Figure 3 39 displays, enter NotepadService as the Service Label and This is the WCF service for the Windows Phone 7 Notepad demo application, as the Service Description. Now click the Next button to display the Hosted Service Dialogue on the page.
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Figure 6-4. Data fields provided by a contact
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5 16. Configuring Parallel Convoys
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In order to use the location service on a device, you need to reference the System.Device assembly and declare System.Device.Location in your code. And before you can take advantage of the location service, you must enable the location service on the phone by going to Settings Location turn on Location Services option. You can detect whether the phone s location service is enabled using the StatusChanged event of GeoCoordinateWatcher, as seen in the following code. GeoCoordinateWatcher geoCoordinateWatcher; geoCoordinateWatcher = new GeoCoordinateWatcher(GeoPositionAccuracy.High); geoCoordinateWatcher.MovementThreshold = 100; // in Meters geoCoordinateWatcher.StatusChanged += (s, e) => { if (e.Status == GeoPositionStatus.Disabled) { MessageBox.Show("Please enable your location service by going to Settings -> Location -> Turn on Location Services option."); } }; Another way to check if the location service is enabled is to use TryStart to see if the GeoCoordinateWatcher can be started. if (!_geoCoordinateWatcher.TryStart(true, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5))) { MessageBox.Show("Please enable Location Service on the Phone.", "Warning", MessageBoxButton.OK); } Next you have to set DesiredAccuracy and provide MovementThreshold in GeoCoordinateWatcher as seen in the foregoing code. GeoPositionAccuracy.Default will use Wi-Fi or the cell phone towers and depends on the availability of the sources. Windows Phone will automatically choose one to use, and GeoPositionAccuracy.High will use the GPS receiver built into the phone device. MovementThreshold is a very important property to set because MovementThreshold specifies the change in distance in meters before the PositionChanged event notifies the application that new coordinates are available; the lower the value of MovementThreshold, the more accurately the position will be tracked, but you will pay a price in higher power consumption. Microsoft recommends that you set MovementThreshold to at least 20 meters to filter out this noise. In the following sections, you will learn how to use the Windows Phone Location Service by simulating the behavior of the GPS receiver. This simulation allows you to test location-aware applications, like the ones you ll build in this chapter, in the emulator, which lacks a real GPS receiver.
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Testing Localization
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Listing 8-2. A Custom Menu Item to Display in the Contacts Menu private static class CheckContactMenuItem extends ApplicationMenuItem { private Registry registry; public CheckContactMenuItem() { super(0); registry = Registry.getRegistry(getClass().getName()); } public Object run(Object context) { if (context == null || !(context instanceof Contact)) return null; try { Contact contact = (Contact) context; if (contact.countValues(BlackBerryContact.USER4) > 0) { // We've sent them media before. Dialog.inform("You have shared media with them."); } else { // Give a chance to select some media. int choice = Dialog.ask(Dialog.D_YES_NO, "No sharing yet. Would you like to send media "); if (choice == Dialog.YES) { Invocation request = new Invocation(); request.setID(CHAPI_ID); registry.invoke(request); } } } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } return null; } public String toString() {
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public Enumeration getAttributeNames() public Enumeration getAttributeNames(int scope)
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Building Relationships
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ApplicationPermissionsManager mgr = ApplicationPermissionsManager.getInstance(); mgr.addReasonProvider(ApplicationDescriptor.currentApplicationDescriptor(), new ReasonProvider(){ public String getMessage(int permissionID) { if (permissionID == ApplicationPermissions.PERMISSION_CHANGE_DEVICE_SETTINGS) { return "I need to change device settings to keep the screen on."; } return "Please allow this access for full app functionality"; }}); Backlight.setTimeout(255);
Coding the ViewEdit Button Event
s Note The body is also commonly called the details section.
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { foreach(Control ctrl in Page.Controls) { ListBox1.Items.Add(ctrl.GetType().ToString() + ":" + ctrl.ID); } }
When the updated note is completed, RebindData is called, which will trigger the UI element txtNote, txtNoteName to be updated in MainPage. private void _svc_UpdateNoteCompleted(object sender, AsyncCompletedEventArgs e) { if (e.Error == null) { this.RebindData(); } else { MessageBox.Show("Failed to update the note. Please try again!"); } }
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