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The ClickOnce deployment manifest describes everything about the overall deployment of a system (see Figure 7-1).
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This sets up a simple load of the properties, specifying that the function OnProfileLoadComplete will be called when the properties are loaded. The values of the properties are accessed via the Sys.Services.ProfileService. properties collection. So, if your properties are named Property1 and Property2, as used earlier, you can then use code like this to load their values into a couple of text boxes:
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kill <PID number>
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Connecting to SSE with SqlConnection
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Figure 10-13. iPhone Configuration Utility: Configuring Passcode Settings
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Creating a Contact List
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The preceding code is fairly straightforward and self-explanatory. This was a good example of a serviceoriented legacy web application that can be easily transformed to become rich and interactive. The modifications were deliberately kept simple. Advanced behavior and better interaction can be added to the Flex version of this user interface.
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member x.DY = dy static member (+) (v1: Vector2DWithOperators ,v2: Vector2DWithOperators) = Vector2DWithOperators(v1.DX + v2.DX, v1.DY + v2.DY) static member (-) (v1: Vector2DWithOperators ,v2: Vector2DWithOperators) = Vector2DWithOperators (v1.DX - v2.DX, v1.DY - v2.DY) > let v1 = new Vector2DWithOperators (3.0,4.0);; val v1 : Vector2DWithOperators > v1 + v1;; val it : Vector2DWithOperators = { DX=6.0; DY=8.0 } > v1 - v1;; val it : Vector2DWithOperators = { DX=0.0; DY=0.0 } If you add overloaded operators to your type, you may also have to customize how generic equality, hashing, and comparison are performed. In particular, the behavior of generic operators such as hash, <, >, <=, >=, compare, min, and max isn t specified by defining new static members with these names, but rather by the techniques described in 8.
sudo killall DirectoryService
o understand web development, you have to understand the Web, and to understand the Web, you have to understand the Internet that the Web is built on. This chapter will give you a brief history of the connected world, discussing first the origins of the Internet, then the origins of the Web, and finally the technologies used by developers to build applications on the Web. It will hopefully be a fun and informative ride!
The portlet can access properties defined by the portal server or portlet container through the request object. These properties are up to the portal vendor to determine, and are not guaranteed to be portable between different portal servers. Request properties usually, but not necessarily, describe some aspect of the user s request that is not exposed anywhere else in the portlet API. Each property consists of a name and one or more values. The name and the values are all strings. The getProperty() method returns the value of the named property, or the first value of the property if there is more than one value.
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