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You can tell one server to handle more traffic than the others, as is the case with unequal cost paths, or paths that send more traffic to one server than the others. You can do this by listing the same server multiple times in the listing of A records for a given address. For example, if you have one server at that is much faster than the others in a six-node cluster of web servers, you might direct traffic using the following entries in a zone file:
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As in the application we showed you previously, an attacker could load a SWF from one domain that has access to another domain and then make unauthorized service calls. For instance, let s say that DomainA allows access to DomainB, as you can see in this cross-domain policy: ean barcode reader
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Copy the OrderProcess subfolder from the 06 folder to the 07 folder. In the Solution Explorer, right-click the 07 solution and choose Add h Existing Project. This will display the Add Existing Project dialog. Select the OrderProcess.csproj file from the 07\OrderProcess folder.
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Build and run the application. If all is well, you should see the DataGrid displayed (see Figure 5-8).
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We ll install Northwind in three steps: downloading the creation script, creating the sample database, and backing up the sample database.
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As you can see, an MSI solution has a lot of advantages and only a few disadvantages. The primary shortfalls with MSI, however, are that you have to get the MSI to your clients for them to install your application and you have to be an administrator to run the installer. You ll see how ClickOnce does a much better job shortly.
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The last section claimed data services to be a Java web application. You will see that claim reinforced by deploying a data service like any other Java web application in a Java application server (with a servlet container). Once we have deployed it successfully, we will go ahead and configure it so that we are ready to build an example application.
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You can use four different wildcards in the pattern. 4 covers these wildcards in detail, but to briefly review, we list them here in Table 5-3. Table 5-3. Wildcard Characters
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We cover the first two of these techniques next, and we cover explicit signatures in the Using Signature Types and Files section later in this chapter.
slapconfig -setauthmechanisms APOP off slapconfig -setauthmechanisms WEBDAV-DIGEST off
Note If you look at the code that consumes the remote server, you won t find anything different. This is
The previous code shows the very bottom end of browser integration: useful for a static web page with no images or links, but not much else. On the other extreme, you could create a fully functioning web browser app by fully implementing all RenderingApplication methods. Most apps will fall somewhere between these two extremes, based on what features they want to provide. In this particular case, Google would be much more useful if it showed images and allowed you to follow links. The first enhancement to look at is getResource(). The browser will invoke this method when it wants to obtain something else in the process of rendering a page, typically something like an image. You fulfill this request by providing an HttpConnection to the requested content. The interface allows you to do this in one of two ways. If a
Figure 19-5. Selecting the full .NET 4.0 profile You also need to add a reference to System.Workflow.ComponentModel assembly in the SampleInterop project.
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Now that you ve established a connection to the database engine, you can explicitly create a database from F# code by executing a SQL statement directly. For example, you can create a database called company as follows: open System.Data open System.Data.SqlClient let execNonQuery conn s = let comm = new SqlCommand(s, conn, CommandTimeout = 10) comm.ExecuteNonQuery() |> ignore execNonQuery conn "CREATE DATABASE company"
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