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When you manually start a program or script (or the computer starts the program, because it s been configured to do so), you re launching a process, which is any running application that takes up resources on the system. That process may consist of a single entity or a collection of entities, all working together in what are called threads. A thread is a stream of instructions that the computer can perform in sequence. A process can also have other processes that it invokes, known as child processes. Because you cannot have children without parents, the originating process is called the parent process. Most modern operating systems, such as Mac OS X, can run multiple processes simultaneously, because they are multi-threaded operating systems. If the process is running in the background and isn t directly under your control, it s often referred to as a daemon. Common daemons running on an OS X system include cupsd (for printing), syslogd (for logging), and blued (for interfacing with Bluetooth). Although the daemons running on your system often may have names ending in the letter d, they don't always. Daemons interact more often with other programs than they do with the user, and they sometimes have additional controller programs (in Mac OS X, many of them rely on scripts) that are used to provide various instructions to the daemon. NOTE: Whether an item is a daemon or a process can be a bit of a complicated topic. Many daemons can be run in non-daemon modes (interactively). You can take most programs or scripts and convert them to daemons to have them run in the background. The definitions we ve provided here for processes and daemons work with most of the Unix family of operating systems (Linux, OS X, Solaris, and so on). A service, however, is specific to Mac OS X. The Mac Developer Connection s Mac OS X Reference Library s Services Implementation Guide states that services in Mac OS X are features exported by your application for the benefit of other applications. This means that services allow applications to communicate with one another by passing information through a shared pasteboard (not shared memory). You may have seen Services in your menu options in each application's main menu. Each application that offers a service advertizes what operations its services can apply to data. It s these advertisements that make up the contents of your Services menus. Putting it all together, it s easier to think of each of the three this way: a process can be a daemon if it s running in the background; a daemon can be a service if its purpose is to act as a helper tool to interchange data between other programs. If you do not directly invoke a process, then it s typically considered a daemon. Apple recommends that daemons not use AppKit, so they re unlikely to be services. But not all developers are in tune with Apple s best practices, and this is not a recommendation that is always respected. The final aspect to review of these core underpinnings of the operating system is the application bundle. Applications appear to be single files, but in fact, they re more than that. An application bundle is a collection of programs and supporting files for those
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Step 3: Editing the hosts File
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New networking support: New socket class, wired and wireless network interfaces, and DNS records. Native processes: API that allows launching and interacting with native processes. Screen reader: API that supports a screen reader. File promises: API that allows you to drag virtual files to local file systems.
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CHAPTER 9: Apple Developer Programs
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Here, the inferred types are as follows: val regex : string -> Regex val ( =~ ) : string -> Regex -> bool val ( <>~ ) : string -> Regex -> bool The infix operators allow you to test for matches: > let samplestring = "This is a string";; val samplestring : string > if samplestring =~ regex "his" then printfn "A Match! ";; A Match! val it : unit = () Regular expressions can include *, +, and symbols for zero or more occurrences, one or more occurrences, and zero or one occurrences of the immediately preceding regular expression, respectively, and can include parentheses to group regular expressions. For example: > "This is a string" =~ regex "(is )+";; val it : bool = true Regular expressions can also be used to split strings: > (regex " ").Split("This is a string");; val it : string [] = [|"This"; "is"; "a"; "string"|] Here, you use the regular expression " " for whitespace. In reality, you probably want to use the regular expression " +" to match multiple spaces. Better still, you can match any Unicode whitespace character using \s, including end-of-line markers; however, when using escape characters, you should use verbatim strings to specify the regular expression, such as @"\s+". 3 discussed verbatim strings. Let s try this: > (regex @"\s+").Split("I'm a little teapot");; val it : string [] = [|"I'm"; "a"; "little"; "teapot"|] > (regex @"\s+").Split("I'm a little \t\t\n\t\n\t teapot");; val it : string [] = [|"I'm"; "a"; "little"; "teapot"|] Here s how to match by using the method Match instead of using =~ and IsMatch. This lets you examine the positions of a match:
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Once you have set the time interval to sync, click the Advanced button. This will show you the computers that you have authenticated to synchronize with your MobileMe account. You can remove a system from the list using the Unregister button, clear out what is currently stored on the MobileMe servers by using the Reset Sync Data button, or just check the last time that any systems were synchronized (see Figure 18 14).
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Open Visual Studio, and use the following steps to create a Windows application project; Figure 11-3 illustrates these steps: 1. Click File New Project, or press the hot key Ctrl+Shift+N. 2. In the Project type pane of the New Project dialog box, select Visual C# Windows. 3. In the Templates pane, select Windows Application. 4. Please give the application a name; I ve called the project WinServerSide. You may choose a different location for storing the application files according to your preference. 5. Click the OK button to finish the process. Visual Studio will create a new Windows application project as well as a new form with the name Form1.
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Let me ask you something. What is a real-world data model, and why do you need to know this to continue using this book and developing reporting projects As you know, getting to know the source of the data is an important step in the report development process. Therefore, we must know which data model we are going to use. To put it simply, a data model helps us to understand the internals of how data is stored inside a database. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in understanding data models, I m confident that you will find this book s real-world data model simple and richly diverse. Richly diverse
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