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Starting a new program is easy. Just click the Applications menu, and then choose a program from the list, just as you would in Windows using the Start Programs menu. The menu, shown in Figure 7-6, is split into various subcategories of programs, such as office tools, graphics programs, and even games! If you want to start the web browser or e-mail client (arguably two of the most popular programs offered by Ubuntu), you can click their icons on the top panel bar, just to the right of the menus at the top of the screen (see Figure 7-6). At the top right of every program window under Ubuntu, you ll see the familiar close, minimize, and maximize buttons, albeit with a slightly different look and feel than you re used to. Clicking the close button will end each program, as in Windows.
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The Nine Rules of Scalable Remoting
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Figure 9-18. Publishing a workflow as a web service
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protected function dragVolumeHandler(event:TrackBaseEvent):void { player.setVolume(volumeSlider.value); } ]]> </mx:Script>
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Figure 1-7. ASP .NET configuration via the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio 2005
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Windows Services 101
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In this chapter, we covered what an ADO.NET command is and how to create a command object. We also discussed associating a command with a connection, setting command text, and using ExecuteScalar(), ExecuteReader(), and ExecuteNonQuery() statements. In the next chapter, you ll look at data readers.
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Understanding Switches and Hubs
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Figure 6-7. The <security-role-ref> XML Schema
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