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Start Visual Studio 2010 and create a new project. Choose the Blank Solution template, as shown in Figure 6-1. Enter the solution name as 06.
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want it to do! So, the first thing you should do is update your client references to your newly deployed service tier on your server. When you originally built the client tier, you added a web reference to the server running on the Visual Studio development web server, Cassini. The important thing to remember to prevent breaking your code is the name that you gave the reference. Looking back through 5, you ll note we named the web reference AddressData. This is because once you remove the reference, the proxy class will be destroyed, your code will no longer recognize it, and your code will thus not compile. When you create the new web reference to the deployed service, should you give it the same name, then a new proxy class with that name will be created, and your code will compile again. To destroy the reference, right-click AddressData in the Solution Explorer and then select Delete (see Figure 6-21).
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// Get the connection string DBExtension ext = context.GetExtension<DBExtension>(); if (ext == null) throw new InvalidProgramException("No connection string available"); // Query the Lead table LeadDataDataContext dc = new LeadDataDataContext(ext.ConnectionString); dc.Refresh(RefreshMode.OverwriteCurrentValues, dc.Leads); Lead l = dc.Leads.SingleOrDefault<Lead> (x => x.WorkflowID == context.WorkflowInstanceId); if (l == null) throw new InvalidProgramException ("The Lead was not found in the database"); l.AssignedTo = AssignedTo.Get(context); l.Status = "Assigned"; // Enlist on the current transaction RuntimeTransactionHandle rth = new RuntimeTransactionHandle(); rth = context.Properties.Find(rth.ExecutionPropertyName) as RuntimeTransactionHandle; if (rth != null) { Transaction t = rth.GetCurrentTransaction(context); dc.Connection.EnlistTransaction(t); } dc.SubmitChanges(); // Store the request in the OutArgument Lead.Set(context, l); } } } The AssignLead activity takes an input argument, AssignedTo that specifies the name of the agent being assigned. It provides an output argument, Lead, which is the updated Lead record. The Execute() method uses the DBExtension to get the correct connection string (refer to 12 for an explanation). It then queries the Lead table to get the current record. Notice that there is no input argument to indicate which lead is being assigned. The query can obtain the correct record by using the WorkflowInstanceID that is provided in the NativeActivityContext class.
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Once you have found a contact, you can access its information through the defined fields. If you are confident that the certain fields have assigned values, such as if you have done a search for those fields, you can access them directly. Otherwise, you should use Contact.countValues() first to ensure that there is something there to read. For maximum portability, you can initially call ContactList.isSupportedField() to check that the field is safe to access. The following code shows how to unpack certain information from a retrieved contact. We retrieve the contact s organization, create a readable version of their birthday, and then grab all email addresses. Finally, we look through all the addresses in the record and, if we find a work address, pull out some relevant fields from it.
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Data Source
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Backup and Restoration
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File System Web Site
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1.0 + 2.0 12.3 - 5.4 2.4 * 3.9 5.0 / 2.0 5.4 % 2.0 -(5.4+2.4)
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private function onPlayerProgress(event:PlayProgressEvent):void { songSlider.value = event.playPosition; currentTimeText.text = Player.formatTimeInSecondsToString (event.playPosition); totalTimeText.text = Player.formatTimeInSecondsToString(; songSlider.maximum =; }
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We ve cut the output of this command for brevity, but in large environments that command can return a long list of data. Alternatively, we can use the getprinc command to specifically query the principal we are interested in:
From this output you can see that the error was raised inside DeployToWebServer. This was raised from the <Error Text="Unable to connect to webserver" Code="Deploy" Condition=" '$(WebURL)' == '' "/> element. This error was raised because the WebURL property has not been initialized. From this error you can see that the targets ProjectErrorHandler, SolutionErrorHandler, ErrorLogger, and ErrorMailer were executed in that order. This is the order in which they were defined in the ErrorHandler.targets file. Notice in this element the use of the Code attribute; once used, this information is passed to the loggers and may assist with determining how the error occurred. In the output the error type is error Deploy. Many organizations will use only integer values for this field, but you can use any string, as shown here. When you approach a build, you must be careful to avoid errors and to easily detect when errors have occurred. You can use the MSBuild error-handling mechanisms to assist in this critical task. The previous target simply exposed the MSBuild error-handling mechanisms. This sample has shown how your organization can approach MSBuild error handling to increase flexibility and simplicity.
* Inline asm, most compiler intrinsics ** Including downcasts with static_cast and all uses of reinterpret cast Not detected by Visual C++ 2005 compiler Not in the same function as managed or C++ exception handling
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