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The layout of controls, done either by hand or through a visual editor, defines how a form looks when opened. Users expect that the layout will adapt gracefully to form resizing. One simple approach to the problem is to forbid the operation, as is done in many dialog boxes; a better solution is to define how controls must adapt their positions and sizes as the form changes size. Windows Forms has two ways to indicate how a control should adapt when the size of its container changes. You can use the property Dock to dock the control to one of the four edges or to the center of the container (as shown in Figure 11-2). Docking to the edges constrains the control to be always attached to one of them, and either its width or its height should change in order to ensure that the whole edge is filled with it (as shown in Figure 11-2, horizontal edges have precedence over vertical ones). When docked to the middle, a control is resized to fill the area of the container left by the control docked to the edges. Docking is a flexible way to define layouts that adapt to size changes of the interface. If the five areas defined by this strategy aren t enough, you can rely on logical containers such as panels: a panel represents a group of controls with a given layout. Using panels, you can nest layouts and use docking on a panel docked in the surrounding container. An alternative to docking is anchoring. Through the property Anchor , you can dictate that the distance between an edge of the control and the corresponding edge of the container should be constant. This gives you finer control over how the component should be resized or moved. When a control is anchored only to a horizontal and vertical edge (for instance Top and Left ), its size doesn t change: only the position is preserved. Although docking and anchoring are useful for controlling how the control must be adapted to the interface, sometimes these strategies aren t enough to address the needs of a complex layout. The WPF adopts a more articulated notion of extensible layout management based on the notion of a layout manager (a similar notion has always been present in the Java AWT and in HTML). 276
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and an extra program, called an installer, is added so that users can quickly get the files onto their systems. All of this means that, to be able to install a program like WinZip on Windows, all you need to do is download the installer .exe file and run it once. No more work is necessary. Linux is a little more involved, largely because it never assumes that users want their environment to be simplistic and with limited options. However, most Linux distributions still embrace the paradigm of packaging software into a single, easily transported file. We will explain how software packages work in Ubuntu in a moment, but first it s necessary to understand other typical software distribution file formats used in the world of Linux.
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Figure 12-6. Using an input parameter
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Figure 4-33. Running the application with the revised DataList control
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Using the commands is simple:
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You can download the complete code for the Music Player API from eladlib/blob/master/EladLibFlex/src/PlayerExample.mxml which includes the code and an example of a working music player.
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Listing 6-5 assigns the default prefix to db_site1. (note the period after the database names). This trick works because MySQL will then look for db_site1.some_table, which, in effect, says, Use some_table from the db_site1 database. The value you use for the prefix corresponds to the name of the database to be used (plus the dot). This is also the database part of the $db_url variable in settings.php: $db_url = 'mysql://username:password@localhost/database'; The caveat is that the db_site1 and db_zipcodes databases will both be accessed with the same username and password pair; there is currently no method for configuring separate database connections for individual tables. Use your database administration tool or the following MySQL command to grant access to the db_zipcodes database for the username that you use to access the main database: grant select on db_zipcodes.zipcodes to username@localhost; Since the db_zipcodes table should be read-only, the SELECT privilege is sufficient. Whenever the zipcodes table is needed by this site, it will use the db_zipcodes database; in all other cases, db_site1 will be used.
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1. In Flash Builder, create a new AIR project and call it, TwitterTag (see Figure 3-4).
Figure 6-11. Final content of the body section
When an exception is thrown in the MainPage of an application, the exception will be caught by the RootFrame_NavigationFailed method, and this is where you want to handle it in order to stop the exception from bubbling up to the Application_UnhandledException method. In ErrorHandlingDemo, replace the RootFrame_NavigationFailed method with following code. Notice the use of MessageBox in the code to display the proper error with stack trace and set e.Handled to true, which will stop the breakpoint to move to the Application_UnhandledException method. // Code to execute if a navigation fails private void RootFrame_NavigationFailed(object sender, NavigationFailedEventArgs e) { if (System.Diagnostics.Debugger.IsAttached) { // A navigation has failed; break into the debugger System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break(); } MessageBox.Show( string.Format("Page {0} failed to load because of with error: {1}", e.Uri.ToString(), e.Exception.StackTrace)); e.Handled = true; }
In the preceding query, the column nrw turns into the number of rows in the index (user_ indexes.num_rows), nlb turns into the number of leaf blocks (user_indexes.leaf_blocks), ndk becomes the number of distinct keys in the index (user_indexes.distinct_keys), and clf becomes the clustering_factor (user_indexes.clustering_factor). The appearance of the sys_op_descend() function came as a bit of a surprise; it is the function normally used to generate the values stored for indexes with descending columns, but I think it is used here to insert a separator byte between the columns of a multicolumn index, so that the counts will be able to distinguish between items like ('aaa','b') and ('aa','ab') which would otherwise appear to be identical. The sys_op_lbid() function seems to return a leaf block ID and the exact meaning of the ID returned is dependent on the single letter parameter. In this example, 49721 is the object_id of the index named in the index hint, and the effect of the L parameter seems to be to return the absolute address of the first entry of the leaf block in which the supplied table rowid exists. (There are options for index organized tables [IOTs], secondary indexes on IOTs, bitmap indexes, partitioned indexes, and so on.) But the most interesting function for our purposes is sys_op_countchg(). Judging from its name, this function is probably counting changes, and the first input parameter is the block ID portion (object_id, relative file number, and block number) of the table s rowid, so the function is clearly matching our notional description of how the clustering_factor is calculated. But what is that 1 we see as the second parameter When I first understood how the clustering_factor was defined, I soon realized that its biggest flaw was that Oracle wasn t remembering recent history as it walked the index; it only remembered the previous table block so that it could check whether the latest row was in the same table block as last time or in a new table block. So when I saw this function, my first guess (or hope) was that the second parameter was a method of telling Oracle to remember a list of previous block visits as it walked the index. Remember the table that I created in script freelists.sql, with a freelists set to 5. Watch what happens if we run Oracle s own stats collection query (rewritten and tidied as follows) against this table using different values for that second parameter (script clufac_calc.sql in the online code suite):
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