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FTP is a very old protocol, much older than SMB and AFP. FTP is most commonly used to transfer files over the Internet. However, FTP does not encrypt data, and should not be used as a sharing protocol unless absolutely required (and if you think it s absolutely required, we urge you to continue to research other means because there usually is a better way). To enable FTP, click the Sharing preference pane, and click the Options button. Select the Share Files and Folders Using FTP box (see Figure 13 18).
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address will probably be the same as the router/gateway address.
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String Functions
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vim help file to learn more.
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Examples of Use
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The portlet uses the PortletConfig object to access configuration information from the portlet.xml deployment descriptor. Your portlets should retrieve any information they need during the initialization stage in the portlet life cycle through the init() method on the Portlet interface. The init() method for a portlet takes a PortletConfig object as its argument:
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using System.Globalization; using System.Threading; 10. Next, we will code the function that will populate event details and the function that toggles event locale. Add the code shown in Listing 12 2. Listing 12 2. ShowEventDetails and ToggleEventLocale functions (C#) private void ShowEventDetails() { textBlockListTitle.Text = "WP7 Launch"; //create the date of November 6, 2010 at 9:00 PM DateTime dtLaunchDate = new DateTime(2010, 11, 6, 21, 0, 0); //make the cost equal to $5 decimal decEventCost = 5.0M; //ToString() can also return values in specified culture //txtEventDate.Text = dtLaunchDate.ToString("D"); txtEventDate.Text = dtLaunchDate.ToString("D", Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture); txtEventTime.Text = dtLaunchDate.ToString("T"); txtEventCost.Text = decEventCost.ToString("C"); } private void ToggleEventLocale() { //default to English-US culture String cul = "en-US"; if (button1.Content.ToString() == "Espa ol") { //change the culture to Spanish cul = "es-ES"; } else { cul = "en-US"; }
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In this scenario, you needed to use both a receive pipeline and a send pipeline. The receive pipeline allows you to validate a message that you create in the orchestration. You call the receive pipeline via the ExecuteReceivePipeline method, which has the following signature: Type: The fully qualified type of the receive pipeline you need to call. You format this parameter as typeof(FullyQualifiedNameOfReceivePipeline). You can easily find the fully qualified type name of your receive pipeline by clicking the pipeline file in the Solution Explorer and viewing the Fully Qualified Name property. XLANGMessage: The XLANG message object you need to pass into the receive pipeline.
In the first part of this chapter we looked into how to setup the iPhone to connect to common services that your organization may already have. However, if you ve got a project where you need to deploy 100, 1,000, or 10,000 of these devices then you re going to want the set up per handheld to be as automated as possible. In order to streamline deployment, Apple has developed the iPhone Configuration Utility, accessible at
To install VBE and SSE: 1. Create a folder for downloads. We use C:\bvb2005db\install, but you can use whatever folder you prefer. 2. On the Download Now! page, click Download. A File Download - Security Warning window appears (see Figure 1-1). You can either run or save the vbsetup.exe file. Save it by clicking Save and then specifying your download folder.
Figure 6-13. Adding a Silverlight Child Window
CHAPTER 10: iPhone
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