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Figure 12-8. By editing the /etc/fstab file, you can make your Windows partition available
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The onPlayerProgress method will show the progress of the download as the song is loaded, and set a slider to move as the progress continues.
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package com.apress.timesheets.entity; import java.util.*; import javax.persistence.*; public class UserAccount { private Long id; private String accountName; private Set<UserRole> roles = new HashSet<UserRole>(); public UserAccount() { } public UserAccount(final String accountName) { this.accountName = accountName; } public Long getId() { return id; } public void setId(final Long id) { = id; } public Set<UserRole> getRoles() { return roles; }
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When web.config file are in use, they are only read from or accessed from within the web application itself. ASP.NET automatically instructs the Internet Information Server (IIS) or the web server not to allow direct access to this file from the browser. For instance, if you attempt to view the web.config file from the browser by typing in the URL for the web.config, it would resemble the following: http://localhost/mywebsite/web.config Such an attempt returns a This type of page not served browser error, as shown in Figure 10-1.
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Figure 11-30. Removing spaces from the left
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Run the application. If all goes well, you will see the ListBox shown in Figure 516.
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Portlet Concepts
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Caution: While rare, it s possible that a user will not have any email account configured on their phone, in which case attempts to retrieve the default session will return null. Additionally, service book information may not be available immediately if the device has recently powered on, in which case you can try again later and retrieve the account. You may want to send from another email account. For example, a business BlackBerry device probably has a corporate email address configured as the default, which is not appropriate for sending messages from a game. You can query the device for all email service books. Each service book has a content ID describing the general function of the book. The content ID for email accounts is CMIME (Compressed Multipurpose Internet
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Table 4 2. ACE Permissions Mapping
Remoting and RPC
what he or she has posted. A long-term sense of identity on a site is critical for the individuals to stay motivated to come back and participate. Drupal, which has focused on community building since its inception, gives you the tools to shape your community the way you want it. While you can think about Drupal in terms of its usefulness as a content management system, or its practicality as a publishing platform, or its suitability as a web application framework, the most Drupal-like question to ask might be, What kind of online community do I want to create
This class provides the server with the functionality of serializing the message into SOAP format before sending it out through the channel and deserializing the incoming message before forwarding it to other channel sinks or the application. In terms of usage, you usually have to configure formatters if you want to configure one of the settings described in the BinaryServerFormatterSinkProvider Class section earlier. I use this class for the first time in 4 when explaining the typeFilterLevel attribute, which has changed from .NET Framework version 1.0 to 1.1 for security reasons. Also, take a look at the usage example in the BinaryServerFormatterSinkProvider Class section, where I also use the SoapServerFormatterSinkProvider class to configure the typeFilterLevel attribute. More information on MSDN: frlrfsystemruntimeremotingchannelssoapserverformattersinkproviderclasstopic.asp
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