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select round( 1827 * ( 2/1827 + (cbo_char_value('20030105') - cbo_char_value('20021230')) / (cbo_char_value('20041231') - cbo_char_value('20000101')) ),2 ) from dual ; CARDINALITY ----------456.51 Of course, you will have noticed that the cardinality changes as you move to and (so watch out on the upgrades), and the nature of the change seems to be rather devious. Somehow, Oracle seems to have treated the varchar2 column and its predicate values as if they were numeric. It is possible that a programmer in the CBO group has slipped in a cunning guess tweak to the optimizer in this very special case. The tweak disappears as soon as you format the date-like string to include nonnumeric characters (e.g., '2002-01-02'). If your application suffers from this use of incorrect data types, you may be able to perform some damage limitation by creating histograms on the critical columns. In this example, the numeric and character columns covered 60 months, so if you drew a picture of the data, you would see 60 spikes and 59 gaps. Try building a histogram of about 120 buckets or 180, or 240 and see what happens. Table 6-2 shows you the effect of building a histogram with 120 buckets on the two non-date columns. The improvement is significant though the answers are still far from perfect. The slight difference between 8i and the other versions is due to a change in the way Oracle generates histograms, which we will examine in 7. cardinality
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Note When SQL Server is restarted, tempdb is dropped and is re-created as part of the startup process.
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This setting determines whether or not subsequent incoming requests originating from a same single IP address or Class C IP subnet will always be routed to the same node in a cluster. This is, for example, necessary if you run a Web site that uses the old ASP Session model of pre.NET times. In this case, the session state has been stored in memory and is therefore tied to a single machine. Using session affinity allows the developer to be relatively sure that all incoming requests from a client will always be forwarded to the same machine that contains the session data.
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Figure 4-20. General tab of the Report Properties window As you can see in Figure 4-20, I put my name as the Author and typed the report name in Description. You ll also notice that I changed the grid spacing from the default 0.125 inches to 0.075 inches; the reason for this change is that the finer the grid space, the better you can lay out the report control. From this report on, I m setting the grid spacing to 0.075 inches.
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CPU Seconds
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Of course, it s not really a serious piece of SQL (check out Tom Kyte s web site, http://, for a demonstration of how to use this technology to arrange a golf tournament if you want a more practical example), but it does show the principles. You will notice that in this example, I used each subquery in the subsequent subquery this is just one of many possible options. There is a requirement that every named subquery has to be used at least once; otherwise you receive the following Oracle error: ORA-32035: unreferenced query name defined in WITH clause But apart from this requirement, you can be very flexible with the named subqueries. My trivial example of generating a large data set used the same subquery twice in general, any level of subquery could use many copies of any, or even all, of the subqueries in the levels above it. (In DB2, a subquery can even reference itself, but that feature is not yet available in Oracle.)
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We will be using the following XML file, src/assets/xml/employees.xml, in the examples in this chapter:
3. The application entry file Main.mxml includes a reference to the model locator, controller,
CHAPTER 2: Directory Services Clients
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