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Running the Application
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String captionContent = "It's a boy!"; String captionContentId = "text_boy"; String captionContentLocation = "/boy.txt"; MessagePart textMessagePart = new MessagePart(captionContent.getBytes(), 0, captionContent.length(), "text/plain", captionContentId, captionContentLocation, null); InputStream imageContent; String imageContentId = "img_boy"; String imageContentLocation = "/photo.png"; imageContent = getClass().getResourceAsStream(imageContentLocation); MessagePart imageMessagePart = new MessagePart(imageContent, "image/png", imageContentId, imageContentLocation, null);
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---- Direct Read Statistics -----Size of read slots for merge phase Number of read slots for merge phase Size of read slots for output Number of read slots for output Number of direct sync reads Number of blocks read synchronously Number of direct async reads Number of blocks read asynchronously
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('T -> bool) -> 'T list -> 'T list
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Figure 5 3. Adding a Receive shape 10. To configure a port and port type for the orchestration to use to receive a message, right-click the Port Surface area, and select New Configured Port. This will start the Port Configuration Wizard.
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Data services (both LCDS and BlazeDS) can load and instantiate simple Java classes without a problem. However, they don t work without modification if the remote object is a managed object like an EJB or a Spring bean. This is only natural, because these data services cannot automatically instantiate these
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var thumbReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest( movieData.thumbnail ); var thumbLoader:URLStream = new URLStream(); thumbLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, function ( event:Event ): void { onThumbComplete( movieData, event ); } ); thumbLoader.load( thumbReq ); var id:String = String(" v=")[1]; var tmpURL:String = "http://localhost:8888/getVideoId.php id="+id; var flvReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest( tmpURL ); var flvLoader:URLStream = new URLStream(); flvLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, function ( event:Event ):void { onVideoComplete( movieData, event ); } ); flvLoader.load( flvReq ); } private function downloadVideo():void { var htmlGet:HTTPService = new HTTPService(); htmlGet.resultFormat = 'text'; htmlGet.url =; htmlGet.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, function(event:ResultEvent ):void { onHTMLReturn ( srchFound.selectedItem, event ); } ); htmlGet.send(); } private function playVideo():void { movieDisplay.source =;; } private function updateLocalVideoList():void { var fileNames:Object = new Object(); for each ( var file:File in File.applicationStorageDirectory.getDirectoryListing() ) { var fName:String = /[.]/ )[0]; fileNames[ fName ] = true; } var movieList:Array = []; for( var fileKey:String in fileNames ) { var thumb:File = new File( File.applicationStorageDirectory.nativePath + File.separator + fileKey + '.jpg' );
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CHAPTER 1: Security Quick-Start
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With Magnatune, you can listen to any of the songs in the album without paying for them. Any songs you do decide to purchase are free from copy protection (DRM), and artists earn 50% from your purchase. You can choose how much to pay for an album (the minimum is $5).
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When MyMessageSink s AsyncProcessResponse() method is called, it generates a new reply sink, named MyReplySink, that is linked to the existing reply chain. You can see the ReplySink parameter that is passed to the next sink in Figure 11-11.
This, obviously, is a bad thing. However, we now have power to fight against this attack, using the profile defined below. In this profile, we deny write access to our rsync wrapper, preventing the above exploit from being accomplished. In the following profile, we define a sandbox profile that allows for secure remote backups with CCC. In this profile, we specify a backup directory on the remote server at /Backups, you will likely want to change this to satisfy your environment.
statements against your database, or to access stored procedures already on the database and execute them.
The suid/sguid Bits
Portlet Basics
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