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A common procedure used to verify connectivity is to use the dscl command along with the read verb to view the attributes associated with a given account. This will allow you to verify that user lookup is working within the Active Directory plug-in itself and look for any potential issues, such as a missing attribute. While you could ls Users, depending on the size of your organization you may not receive all of the information that you are
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.DS_Store Files
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A MIDlet Example
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Note The required annotation checks to make sure only that the required setters of the bean have been called. It does not check the value that has been passed in. Specifically, the postprocessor does not cause any errors to occur if a null value is explicitly passed into the property, so sadly the type of boilerplate shown in Listing 3-21 may still be necessary.
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To properly retrieve the photo that the user selected through the Extras feature, the application must override the OnNavigatedTo event in MainPage.xaml.cs. The steps here show you how to do that: 1. If you are continuing from the Extras walkthrough, you already have all the necessary references and using statements in place. However, if you were to start a new project, make sure that you have a reference added to Microsoft.Xna.Framework and the following using statements are in place:
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message theme hasBindErrors nestedPath
user_account UserAccount PK id accountName PK,FK1 PK,FK2 user role id UserRole PK id roleName
As mentioned earlier, we pick two frameworks, Apache Struts and Ruby on Rails, and port them over to use a Flex user interface. If you are planning to port applications of either of these two types, then this section will give you a starting point in your endeavor. If your framework is not one of these two, then you will still benefit indirectly, as the examples will give you some insight into the migration options at your disposal. Let s rework an Apache Struts 1.x application to include a Flex user interface.
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13. Now let s go back and view the data to see what has been entered. Find the CustomerDetails. Customers table in the Object Explorer again. Right-click the table and select Open Table. The table now has two rows with two gaps in what we want our ideal ascending sequence, as you see in Figure 8-7.
Figure 17 5. Design surface for Windows Phone 7 Notification client application At this point, you have finished building the Windows Phone 7 client application and are ready to implement the Windows Forms application for sending notification messages to the mobile device.
new CreateWorkflowOwnerCommand(), TimeSpan.FromSeconds(30)); _instanceStore.DefaultInstanceOwner = view.InstanceOwner; // Create the DBExtension _dbExtension = new DBExtension(_connectionString); // Create a service to handle incoming requests SetupHost(); LoadExistingLeads(); } private void SetupHost() { WorkflowService service = new WorkflowService { Name = "LeadResponse", Body = new WorkAssignment(), Endpoints = { new Endpoint { ServiceContractName="CreateAssignment", AddressUri = new Uri("http://localhost/CreateAssignment"), Binding = new BasicHttpBinding(), } } }; // Create a WorkflowServiceHost that listens for incoming messages _wsh = new System.ServiceModel.Activities.WorkflowServiceHost(service); SqlWorkflowInstanceStoreBehavior instanceStoreBehavior = new SqlWorkflowInstanceStoreBehavior(_connectionString); instanceStoreBehavior.InstanceCompletionAction = InstanceCompletionAction.DeleteAll; instanceStoreBehavior.InstanceLockedExceptionAction = InstanceLockedExceptionAction.AggressiveRetry; _wsh.Description.Behaviors.Add(instanceStoreBehavior); WorkflowIdleBehavior wib = new WorkflowIdleBehavior(); wib.TimeToUnload = TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(100); _wsh.Description.Behaviors.Add(wib); _wsh.Description.Behaviors.Add (new DBExtensionBehavior(_connectionString)); _wsh.Description.Behaviors.Add (new PersistAssignmentBehavior(_connectionString));
The pros and cons of this approach depend on how the underlying data is obtained whether in memory, from a file, over the network, etc. It will generally perform similarly to one of the above methods. If writing your own InputStream, expect more time required to implement and debug it.
Packaging and Deployment Descriptors
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