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Channel Security
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A native function is said to have a native entry point, which is its address. Similarly, a managed function has a managed entry point. A function that may be called by both native and managed code has two separate entry points, one that is the actual function, and another that is a small compiler-generated function known as a thunk, which handles the context switch between native and managed code, and then calls the real function. You know that functions in Visual C++ have calling conventions specifying how parameters are handled by a function you looked at some earlier. The native calling conventions, such as __cdecl, __stdcall, and __thiscall, specify certain ways of passing parameters. Managed functions similarly have a calling convention, __clrcall, that characterizes the particulars about how managed functions are called. A function with the __clrcall calling convention only has a managed entry point. There is no native entry point generated for it. The calling convention for managed functions, and hence the set of entry points that get generated for a function, depends on the compilation mode. In pure mode and safe mode, __clrcall is the default for all managed functions. If you compile in safe mode or pure mode, a managed function will be generated with a managed entry point only, because in those modes, there is no native code that would require a native entry point. However, when you compile in mixed mode (/clr), as is likely in an interop scenario, both native and managed entry points are generated. This is because the calling convention is a native calling convention (__thiscall for methods and likely __cdecl for global functions, but this may be changed by a compiler option).
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13. Let s move on to the last items to add. Back to the web project, open the Login.aspx page and switch to Design view. From the Toolbox window, drag a Login control to the page. To add some color, you can select the Auto Format menu item by right-clicking on the Login control (Figure 7-20). After the control is on the page, right-click on the Login control and choose Properties. Within the Properties, enter ~/Default.aspx for the DestinationPageUrl. This will redirect users to the Default.aspx page after logging in successfully.
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Microsoft Outlook
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Although the security solution mentioned previously provides you with a complete solution covering authentication and secure communication, this article of MSDN Magazine is interesting if you want to learn more about writing custom channel sinks as well as the classes of the System.Security.Cryptography namespace.
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Having cleared the cache, we must first check that the primary key value was assigned to the bean successfully implying, if not proving, that it was persisted successfully. We call one of the TestCase parent class s assertion methods to indicate that we expect the id property to have been assigned a value. This is shown in Listing 10-6.
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Figure 11-10. Using a more complex simple CASE expression
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Method Property
Table 11-1. Common Web Site Error Codes
Tip As discussed earlier in this section, since the GridSplitter belongs in the Silverlight SDK control library instead of the standard controls library, we must add a references to the sdk control namespace and assembly. The entry in the UserControl definition would be the following:
fmt filename > newfile
Figure 2-27. SAC tool for configuring a component s services
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