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If you are not sharing any resources on your computer, disable any sharing services that might be running. To do this, open the Sharing preference pane, and review the items on the Services window on the left that are being used to share resources (see Figure 1 16). In Snow Leopard, Apple introduced the additional Shared Folders window to show you which folders you re sharing out on your computer and which users are able to access them. It s a nice feature for us security folks who would like to see at a glance which folders are getting shared.
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C++/CLI allows you to throw objects that are not in the exception class hierarchy. If you ve done a lot of programming in C# or Visual Basic .NET, this may be somewhat of a surprise, since in those languages, you are limited to throwing exception objects that derive, directly or indirectly, from System::Exception. In C++/CLI, you re not limited in this way. However, if you are calling C++/CLI code from C# or VB .NET code, and an exception object of an unusual type is thrown, it will be wrapped in an exception from the point of view of the C# or VB .NET code. The basic idea is simple, as Listing 10-7 shows. Listing 10-7. Throwing an Object That s Not an Exception // throw_string.cpp using namespace System; public ref class R {
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Figure 12-2. Definition of the event handler You can see that this property in an Action<T> class, <T> in this case, is a WorkflowApplicationCompletedEventArgs class. Here is the definition of the Action<T> class: public delegate void Action<T>(T obj) This may look a bit more familiar. This is a delegate function that has no return value and accepts a single parameter of type <T>, which is a WorkflowApplicationCompletedEventArgs class. In more traditional syntax, the Completed property is looking for a delegate function with the following prototype: void f(WorkflowApplicationCompletedEventArgs x) The lambda expression is simply shorthand for declaring a function for this delegate. The input parameter (declared as wacea) was not used. If you wanted to display the termination message, for example, you could access it with the following code: wacea.TerminationException.Message
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When issues arise, and issues will always arise, people will start to blame the pieces of their environment they know the least about. As the DBA you will find people inevitably blaming the database server for all sorts of problems. In my experience I have seen people blame the database server for a host of problems that have nothing to do with the database server. The fact is that they know the database server exists, but they don t know if it is truly the problem, so they just point their finger in your direction first. One of the last things that anyone ever thinks about is the network. Your network has ups and downs all the time. There are lots of wires, routers, and switches that make up the backbone of your network. With so many moving parts that need to go together in order to make your systems work, it is easy to understand that issues will arise from time to time. I once read a study that said how database servers are the number one piece of infrastructure that people are ordered to troubleshoot, but over 70 percent of all issues are directly related to bad application code. As a DBA you may sometimes find yourself blaming the network simply because you cannot possibly blame bad code all of the time. And it is fine for you to blame the network, because the network team will usually just blame management for not agreeing to buy the right equipment. But the truth is that people will often misunderstand the difference between networks and computers. It s common to hear people in offices yell out, The database server is down! when the problem is something completely different. Networks are a lot like your bathroom at home.
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You can set the test with the async metadata to perform an async test and set the timeout to 500 milliseconds. Once you send the request to retrieve an XML file, the result request will go to onResult method.
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Figure 18 4. Time Machine device exclusions
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Compiling and Publishing NotepadService
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Physical RAM Size
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