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Using Untyped Datasets
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Sometimes you may want to assign priority to certain protocols. For example, you may be surfing the Internet from your home office computer and notice that the Internet is running very slowly. You have already designated certain pipes to allow certain bandwidth capacities. However, you would rather have Internet traffic take priority over other protocols on your network. This is different from throttling in ipfw rules. You have already told each service that it can take only a certain amount of resources. At this point you want to control which service will receive priority when two services compete for those resources. A queue is one way to prioritize traffic that runs over a certain pipe. Queues have weights (similar to priorities) assigned to them using a range of 1 to 100. A weight can take up a certain percentage of a pipe. If you have two queues with weights of 20 and 80, they will take up 20 and 80% of a pipe, respectively. However, if you specify weights that do not equal 100, the pipe will assume you are splitting the weight between the two and divvy the weight up proportionately. For example, if you have two queues with weights of 10 and 40, it will compute that they will take up 20 and 80%of the pipe, respectively. By allowing traffic shaping in such a highly configurable manner, it is possible to have many different groupings, or queues, of systems that can receive various proportions of throughput to a pipe. For example, a creative workgroup environment accessing a computer with File Sharing enabled will need some throttling to prevent the computer from being overloaded with requests. We know that the system will choke if it receives more than 800Mb worth of connections, so we will build a pipe allowing only 800Mb at a time. Of the connections we have coming into that pipe, we will build four queues. These will receive weights proportional to the bandwidth we want them to have. In our example, we ll consider a typical creative workgroup. Queue 1 contains our creative users who are accessing the server using AFP (548). Queue 2 has our executive producers who are accessing the server through HTTP (80). Queue 3 contains our external users that access the server over FTP (21), and queue 4 has our backup system that uses Retrospect (497). The following represents a series of commands to build the appropriate queues for pipe 1 using what would typically be proportional weights:
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The Transform shape allows the assignment of an existing map or the creation of a new map within the Transform Configuration dialog box. Also, you can transform one or multiple source messages into one or multiple destination formats. To enable this, create a new map within the Transform shape configuration, by specifying multiple input messages and/or multiple destination messages. This will automatically create a map with the specified source and destination messages. This capability is useful when you need to partition message calls for the destination process or system. Figure 5 29 shows creating a destination with three schemas (two are identical in this example), and Figure 5 30 illustrates a BizTalk map with multiple messages.
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Table 8-1. Juxtaposing AS3 and Java Data Types
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User-Defined Functions
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Listing 9-8. Configuring the Spring Invoker Client Proxy Factory
TIP: It is best to leave the root account disabled when you do not need it. If you do enable it, do so only temporarily.
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