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Figure 6 2. CPU utilization in the Performance Monitor
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10. Add a constant parameter and set the value to the ID type you wish to receive. For instance, you may set the value to something like Customer.ID. 11. Add a second constant parameter to the Get Common ID functoid and set the value to the destination system application instance. For instance, you may set the value to something like Oracle_01. 12. Click OK. 13. Connect the Get Common ID functoid to the Get Application ID functoid. 14. Connect the functoid to the unique destination identifier node. 15. Save and test the map.
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Figure 2 8. Using Lingon to Manage Launchd.
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Setting up Open Directory from the Command Line
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Note Extension methods enable you to add methods to an existing class without inheriting or modifying the original class. They are a special kind of static methods that are called as if they were instance methods on the extended class.
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Inside createChildren we loop through the number of items in our colorCollection and call createPlaneWithMaterial. Inside the createPlaneWithMaterial function we start off by creating a movieClip that we ll use inside our Papervision MovieMaterial. We are simply drawing a box and filling it with black. Next, we create our MovieMaterial, passing in the colorBlock movieClip we just created. Next, we need to set the movieMat.interactive to true so that we can use our OBJECT_PRESS event. We also need to set movieMat.animated to true if we did not do this, Papervision would assume that the material never needs to update from its original snapshot. Setting animated to true is what allows us to fade it from one color to another. We then apply the tint to the colorBlock. We ll learn more about the applyTint function shortly. Next, we move to creating our Papervision Plane. We pass in our MovieMaterial, setting the width and height, and then segment width and segment height. The default for the segment width and height is 0. The greater this number is, the better our materials will look when rendered, but it comes with a performance hit. After creating our plane we want to be able to interact with it. Luckily, Papervision gives us access to these objects via the InteractiveScene3DEvent. We then set the ID of our plane so that we can identify it later. After we push our planes and colorBlocks to arrays, we need to make sure our planes get added to our scene. The scene was already created for us in our BasicView. Let s now take a closer look at our onCollectionChange and applyTint functions.
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Now we ll explain how updates work with ClickOnce. To do that, we ll show how to slightly modify the component assembly and deploy the application again with a new deployment version. Note that the deployment version is not the same as the assembly version; the deployment version is the version you set in the deployment manifest, and the assembly version is the version you set in the assemblyInfo.cs file. The deployment version is the version number that ClickOnce is concerned with, and the version number in the assemblyInfo.cs file is the assembly s version number. In this case, you will modify the application and create another deployment version. The previous version was set to, and you ll kick that up to version Recall that when you deployed the HelloFromClickOnce application, you didn t specify any information specific to doing updates. If you take a peek at the deployment manifest, you ll see that Visual Studio 2005 set the update policy to check for updates before start-up (that is, to beforeApplicationStartup). Since you have deployed the application once already, we ll show how to modify the sample and publish the new version to the Web server; then you can run the application again to see whether ClickOnce realizes that a new version is available. To test updating with ClickOnce, modify the SayHelloComp class so that the SayHello() method returns a different string, and build the solution. Next, modify the version number of the deployment. Recall that when you wrote the initial version of this sample, you didn t set a version number. This means Visual Studio 2005 (VS 2005) by default set the version number to To modify the version number, you have to acquaint yourself with the Project Designer in VS 2005. The Project Designer has three tabs specific to ClickOnce: Signing, Security, and Publish; Figure 6-13 shows the contents of the Publish tab.
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write the link to the directory in question.
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Figure 8-15. phpBB 3 s new installation routine checks to make sure you have all the requisite software. The installer also tests to make sure that the proper files and directories are writable by the web server. For phpBB 3.0, you ll want to ensure that the cache, files, and store directories are writable, as is config.php, as you have done for phpBB 2.0. The installer will test for this, as shown in Figure 8-16, and complain accordingly if it can t write to the files.
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CHAPTER 5: Messaging and Groupware
then becomes:
What you ve seen until now has been quite protocol specific, because I haven t yet covered any connections between the underlying protocol to .NET Remoting. This task is handled by the SMTPHelper class. This class holds three synchronized Hashtables containing the following data: Objects that are waiting for a response to a given SMTP message ID. These can be either Thread objects or SmtpChannel.AsyncResponseHandler objects, both of which are shown later. These are stored in _waitingFor. The server-side transport sink for any e-mail address that has been registered with a SMTPServerChannel in _servers. The received responses that will be cached while waking up the thread that has been blocked is stored in _responses. This is a short-term storage that is only used for the fractions of a second it takes for the thread to wake up and fetch and remove the response.
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