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6 describes implementation inheritance. In general, the .NET guidelines are agnostic with regard to the use of implementation inheritance. In F#, implementation inheritance is used more rarely than in other .NET languages. The main rationale for this is given in 6, which also presents many alternative techniques for designing and implementing OO types using F#. However, implementation inheritance is used heavily in GUI frameworks.
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Ubuntu includes a feature called readahead, which is able to order the list of files to be loaded during bootup by their locations on the hard disk. A default readahead list is installed on a standard Ubuntu installation. This is created on a generic PC, but you can build your own version of the list, customized for your own computer. Here are the steps to create your own readahead list:
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Figure 11-7. Decompiling the accessed application decode pdf
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A critical aspect of dealing with PInvoke is ensuring that values are marshalled correctly between managed and native code and vice versa. A structure s memory layout doesn t depend only on the order of the fields. Compilers often introduce padding to align fields to memory addresses so that access to fields requires fewer memory operations, because CPUs load data into registers with the same strategy. Padding may speed up access to the data structure, but it introduces inefficiencies in memory usage: there may be gaps in the structures, leading to allocated but unused memory. Consider, for instance, the following C structure:
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and execute it to create the stored procedure.
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In 5, you saw a number of predefined generic operations, including generic comparison, equality, and hashing, accessed via functions such as those shown here: val val val val val val val val val compare : 'T -> 'T -> int when 'T : comparison (=) : 'T -> 'T -> bool when 'T : equality (<) : 'T -> 'T -> bool when 'T : comparison (<=) : 'T -> 'T -> bool when 'T : comparison (>) : 'T -> 'T -> bool when 'T : comparison (>=) : 'T -> 'T -> bool when 'T : comparison min : 'T -> 'T -> 'T when 'T : comparison max : 'T -> 'T -> 'T when 'T : comparison hash : 'T -> int when 'T : equality
Figure 13-1. Client-side sink chain with the compression sink
Why Do We Need ReportViewer
Figure 4-15. The Database Explorer
Figure 15-22. Viewing a WordPress page (notice the hierarchical listing of pages on the right)
BrowserContentChangedEvent Event
Figure 3-12. Properties available for the SQL Server provider
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