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1. Click the two small arrows to the right of a toolbar, and select the Customize
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Figure 8-37. Removing database owner role 3. Move to the Securables options for this user. In this area, shown in Figure 8-38, it is possible to define the exact privileges that this user can have, and can even pass on to other users. At present, the options are blank, but we can add objects by clicking the Add button.
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Before doing any arithmetic, the optimizer may rewrite your query in a form that is easier to model and potentially has more optimization options available. Sometimes it is better to block the rewrite, and there are hints available to allow you to do this. Increasingly, though, the optimizer will run cost calculations for the original query and the restructured query, so in theory such blocking activity should become unnecessary. (I understand that in 10g release 2, all transformations are driven by cost this is generally a good thing, but you may find that some complex queries may now take longer to optimize.) There are cases where the execution plan cannot adequately describe exactly what the execution engine is going to do. Moreover, the work that has to be done by the run-time engine may vary dramatically because of minor differences in the target data set, so a plan that seems to work well on even a carefully generated test set of data may behave very badly on production data. The optimizer s ability to transform queries can be seriously affected by the presence (or usually absence) of not null constraints. Make sure that if a column is mandatory, it is declared as such to the database. Similarly, the presence, or absence, of uniqueness constraints can make a difference to the legal options and table ordering when the optimizer is trying to transform subqueries. In general, if you are going to write SQL with subqueries, you might as well start by writing code that reads like the natural language version of a problem, as this may be the easiest for other people to understand. Generally, the optimizer can transform such queries into more efficient representations. Sometimes, though, you will find that an obvious transformation will not take place, and you will have to do a manual transformation of your code. If you do, make sure that it is logically the same as the original. Star transformations are a popular join strategy for data warehouses. But it is possible that when you enable the feature, some of your execution plans may show dramatic changes in cardinality. This may be due to a collision between your design strategy for dimension tables and the arithmetic the optimizer does for the driving bitmap and. Every time you upgrade, even on a point release, there may be a couple of new transformations that have been enabled. Usually this means that the optimizer can find a better way of operating a query efficiently occasionally a new transformation may be a bad idea for your specific data set. If the performance of a critical query changes dramatically (for better or worse) on an upgrade, make sure you can check the old execution plan against the new execution plan there may be a new transformation option that you need to know about.
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Address Book provides support for Exchange contacts and allows for searching of the Exchange GAL. When an Exchange account is configured in Address Book, the account will be listed in the left-hand pane. Additionally, the configured account will have a new entry placed under the Directory group, which allows for searching of the GAL, as shown in Figure 5-9.
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