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Next, you can see an example of how you can change the schema information. You selected the FirstName column, whose AllowNull property is set to False in the database, and you changed it just for the purposes of demonstration to True:
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Creating a Proxy for the Endpoint
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A small selection of themes is highlighted at A large collection of themes is available at Alex King s WordPress Themes Competition site ( content=software/wordpress/themes.php). That competition is over now, but all of the entries are still available for viewing and downloading. In all, currently more than 300 themes are available for download from these sites. Most of them are free to use with no restrictions. Some might require a link back to the designer of the theme. Also, a number of designers will sell you a WordPress theme or design one to your exact specifications for a fee, of course. Quite a variety of different styles are available: common two-column layouts with a wide main column for posts and a second narrower column for lists, links, and so on; several threecolumn themes; some four-columns ones; and a small number of themes with more unusual shapes. The appearance of all these themes covers a wide range from business-like to just plain weird! I mentioned earlier that you should style your site to suit the main subject of your blog. Consider the theme shown in Figure 16-4, which is a Franz Ferdinand theme from Francey (, a talented young college student who produces web designs for fun. This is a dark theme in a style suited to a music fan site.
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System.MarshalByRefObject Class
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The sa user name is the default system administrator account for SQL Server. If a specific user has been set up, such as george or payroll, specify that name. The password for sa is set when SQL Server is installed. If the user name you use has no password, you can omit the password clause entirely or specify an empty password, as follows: password = However, a blank password is bad practice and should be avoided, even in a test environment.
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There are five main techniques for using Data Binding, which we will be covering in this chapter:
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<portlet> tag in the deployment descriptor. The name parameter is required, and it corresponds to the <portlet-name> tag. The name of the portlet must be unique within the web application. Here is the source code to the marked-up SessionPortlet class, with the @portlet.portlet tag. Notice that the XDoclet tag looks like the @author and @version JavaDoc tags in the source code. The @portlet.portlet tag takes up to four parameters, which can be specified on the same line as the tag name, or spread out over multiple lines. Each parameter has a name and a value for this tag, all of the values are plain text.
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For certain MarshalByRefObjects (especially Singleton-mode services or objects published by RemotingServices.Marshal()), it is desirable to have either an unlimited TTL or a different lease time from that of other objects on the same server. You can implement this functionality by overriding MarshalByRefObject s InitializeLifetimeService(). This method is defined to return an object, but later uses in the framework will cast this object to Lease, so make sure not to return anything else. For example, to provide a Singleton with unlimited lifetime, implement the following:
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instructions in the previous section first. Phones like the Nokia 6680 don t need pairing for file transfer, although each transfer will need to be confirmed manually.
Caution Drupal s distributed authentication is inherently insecure. If you do not know that you can trust
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