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Create Code-39 in Java Figure 17-2. BASH history completion is very useful but can also be confusing.

CHAPTER 3: Some Basics
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When you run Rhythmbox for the first time, it will attempt to find and then catalog your music collection. You might be used to this kind of functionality with Windows applications like iTunes. After the initial file search has taken place, whenever Rhythmbox runs, you will find your tracks listed by artist or name, providing they have the relevant tag information embedded in them (such as ID3 tags in MP3 music).
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1. Click the Tables icon in the Database pane, and then click the Use Wizard to Create
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When the Mute button is clicked, set MediaElement.IsMuted to true in order to mute the sound or set it to false to turn on the sound. private void btnMute_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if (lblSoundStatus.Text.Equals("Sound On", StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase)) { lblSoundStatus.Text = "Sound Off"; mediaPlayer.IsMuted = true; } else { lblSoundStatus.Text = "Sound On"; mediaPlayer.IsMuted = false; } }
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The command(s) completed successfully.
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Network Monitor
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Filters for Content Types
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Historically, this is how you get command-line parameters into your program. In the old days, you would write programs that were called from the Unix command line. Imagine a program that sorts numbers into increasing order. You provide some numbers and are returned the same numbers but in ascending order.
The second section of the output lists the current settings of the parameters relevant to the optimizer. If you compare the full list of options available in x$ksppi, you may find some items that look as if they should be in this list. Conversely, if you look at v$sql_optimizer_env (see Appendix B), you will find that there are a lot more in this list than appear in the view. The 10g output conveniently separates the parameter list into two sets those modified by the session, and those that use the default value. If you think you know a lot about the optimizer and how it works, take a look at some of the feature-oriented parameters, typically the ones with the true/false values. I find it quite worrying to see how many clues I get that there are details of the optimizer that I ve probably never ever seen in action.
As I pointed out earlier in this chapter, if you are using Shared Servers (MTS), then the UGA is in the SGA, so memory up to the sort_area_retained_size will be allocated from the SGA typically the large pool, although if you have forgotten to specify a value for the parameter large_pool_size, it will come from the shared pool. The excess demand, up to (sort_area_size sort_area_retained_size) will be allocated in the PGA, which means it will appear in the memory of the Shared Server process (i.e., the processes that are called things like ora_{SID}_sNNN at which point it will be accounted by the code that handles the pga_ aggregate_target calculations). If the sort_area_retained_size is less than the sort_area_size, then the sorted data will be dumped to disk as the sort completes, the excess memory allocated in the PGA will be made available for other activity, and the sort_area_retained_size (possibly limited to 2MB according to some recent experiments) will be used to reload the dumped data for further processing.
public String getInitParameter(String name)
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