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Uri Mapping
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Adding the Header
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In this chapter, you ve seen some of the most important best practices for developing .NET Remoting applications. This list is, of course, not complete, but it reflects the most common points I have encountered on consulting projects, and in personal e-mail exchanges with several hundred developers who are using .NET Remoting in their daily projects. Apart from a detailed look at several scenarios for .NET Remoting, you ve learned that there are also numerous cases for which remoting is not the right solution. I have briefly introduced you to UDP and MSMQ, which can be used for scalable delivery of asynchronous notifications. At the end of this chapter, you ve seen how easy it is to configure a Windows Network Load Balancing cluster, which provides your applications with transparent failover and the possibility to scale out. In the following chapter, I ll discuss the most common causes and solutions for problems and issues when using .NET Remoting.
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Figure 10-13. Splitting a topic
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Identify Aggregations, Dimensions, and Measures
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Namespace Encoding
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Figure 6 31. Using the Port Configuration Wizard Table 6 7 describes the details of each of the port properties you can set for the HTTP port via code in an Expression shape of an orchestration. These are the same parameters you set when configuring an HTTP send port in the BizTalk Explorer. Table 6 7. HTTP Port Parameters
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0x65 &&& 0x0F 0x65 ||| 0x18 0x65 0x0F ~~~0x65 0x01 <<< 3 0x65 >>> 3
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alter session set workarea_size_policy = manual; alter session set sort_area_size = 1048576; alter alter alter alter session session session session set set set set events events events events '10032 '10033 '10046 '10053 trace trace trace trace name name name name context context context context forever'; forever'; forever, level 8'; forever';
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