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type OwnerDrawButton() = inherit UserControl() You then define the state of the control in terms of the class s fields: let mutable text = "" let mutable pressed = false
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We installed Apache Pluto ( to run our portlet application. Apache Pluto is the open source reference implementation of the JSR 168 portlet API. The Pluto portal is very basic and not suitable for enterprise portal projects, but it is a good test platform for your portlets. Pluto requires a recent version of Apache Tomcat (; check the Pluto release notes and installation instructions on the Pluto web site for more details.
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CHAPTER 6: Personal Information
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Cutting and Pasting Text
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CurrentName IDisposable
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Command parameters have several advantages: The mapping between the variables and where they re used in SQL is clearer. Parameters let you use the type definitions that are specific to a particular ADO.NET data provider to ensure that your variables are mapped to the correct SQL data types. Parameters let you use the Prepare method, which can make your code run faster because the SQL in a prepared command is parsed by SQL Server only the first time it s executed. Subsequent executions run the same SQL, changing only parameter values. Parameters are used extensively in other programming techniques, such as stored procedures (see 12) and working with irregular data (see 16).
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When importing BizTalk applications, consider the following: Overwrites: Determine whether the import process should support overwrites. On the Application Settings page of the Import Wizard, you can set generic overwrites of BizTalk artifacts. If this check box is selected, existing artifacts will be overwritten on the target import. If this box isn t selected and a duplicate is found, the Import Wizard will raise an error.
Referencing schemas gives you the ability to reuse and reference existing BizTalk artifacts, as you would normally reference other .NET artifacts. While this can be powerful, you should always keep in mind partitioning and change scenarios. For example, if you were to reference an existing deployed artifact, to make changes to the referenced artifact, you would need to remove the referenced artifact in the dependent project.
You ve simplified the table references by providing a correlation name for each table. (This is somewhat similar to providing column aliases, but correlation names are intended to be used as alternative names for tables. Column aliases are used more for labeling than for referencing columns.) You can now refer to Orders as o and to Employees as e. Correlation names can be as long as table names and can be in mixed case, but obviously the shorter they are, the easier they are to code. You used the correlation names in both the select list:
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