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Figure 11-12. Using INNER JOIN
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launchctl stop `launchctl list | grep | awk '{print $3}'` launchctl stop `launchctl list | grep | awk '{print $3}'`
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Set the message body part. After processing the message, you must return the updated message. If you used a memory stream object, you can set the return IBaseMessage.Data object to the memory stream object. Remember to rewind the updated memory stream object so you are passing the whole message and not the end of the memory stream. The pipeline processor will not attempt to rewind the stream, and you will receive a pipeline if the stream is not rewound. Add the memory stream to the resource tracker. If you used a new memory stream object, make sure to add the memory stream object to the IPipelineContext.Resource tracker for cleanup.
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Web applications: Web applications are applications built with ASP .NET. These applications have a server-side component and a client-side component. The server-side contains the business logic, and the client-side contains the view (GUI) that is displayed in a browser. Web applications are accessed via a uniform resource locator (URL) for example, Web services: Web services are standards-based systems accessible over a network such as the Internet. Web services are generally employed to connect disparate systems. Web services are sometimes called XML Web Services. Smart device applications: Smart device applications are applications that target mobile devices (for example, Smartphone devices). Smart device applications are built with the .NET Compact Framework, a subset of the .NET Framework. Windows services: Windows services are executables that run in the background. The special feature of Windows services is that they don t require an interactive user. That is, Windows services can run while no one is logged on to the system. An example of a Windows service is a device driver or an application that performs background tasks based on a timer. Console applications: Console applications are executables that are run from the Windows command prompt. Functionally, console applications are similar to Windows Forms applications; the difference is that console applications don t have a Windows Forms user interface and are text oriented. Hosted applications: Last but not least, you can build hosted applications with the .NET Framework. Hosted applications are applications that allow the hosting of managed code inside an application. Hosted applications provide the facility for you to allow your customers (clients) to extend your application. Hosted applications are built with something called Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA). Microsoft also has a variation of VSTA for the Microsoft Office suite called Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System (VSTO). The idea behind VSTO is to leverage the power of Office, Visual Studio, and managed code to build more feature-rich applications. Historically, VSTO came before VSTA; Microsoft extended the idea in VSTA to allow third parties to benefit from managed code extensibility in its own products. That s the quick, five-minute tour. We ll now cover these types of applications individually so you can better understand them and the components they contain.
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Now that you re set up for Ajax, the next thing is to configure the text boxes to do something when a key has been pressed on them. You ll write the event-handler function in the next step. You do this by specifying the event handler for the onkeyup event on the text boxes, like this:
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' Declare a binding manager field Private bMgr As BindingManagerBase
Listing 12-7. Complete implementation of LeadGeneratorWF.cs using using using using System; System.Activities; System.Activities.Statements; System.IO;
To help explain data binding in Silverlight, let s build a very simple application. The application will include a Book object that contains two properties: Title and ISBN. These properties will be bound to two TextBox controls. Figure 5-2 shows the end result of the example.
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