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All the permissions in the world won t help you if your board has a flaw in its security, which could let Joe Hacker simply slip past those permissions! Fortunately, the phpBB Group regularly publishes updated versions of phpBB that contain security and other bug fixes. Keeping up with these updates, as tedious as it may be (especially if 11 inspires you to install a ton of modifications), is quite important, as updates have been known to be released in rapid succession. While installing updates can sometimes be a pain and an inconvenience, it is even more inconvenient and painful to catch up with a few updates in succession.
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Specifying the Connection String in web.config
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Today it is common for developers to have multiple monitors attached to their development workstations and, unfortunately, previous versions of Visual Studio never took advantage of this extra real estate. Developers could use the extra screens for other applications, but often it would be nice to be able to view more than one source file at once. Visual Studio 2010 adds support for multiple monitors by allowing developers to pull source files, windows, and more out of the Visual Studio primary IDE and move them to other monitors. Take, for example, Figure 2-1. Visual Studio 2010 is open on the left monitor, and we are viewing the MainPage.xaml. However, I would like to inspect the class that my UI is bound to at the same time. To do so I can simply drag the class out of the docked position in the IDE and move it to the second monitor. I could do the same thing for the toolbox, the properties window, or any window within Visual Studio 2010. A very nice new feature!
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Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer Express make it easy to build web services. In this section, you ll look at adapting the postal code address browser from 4 to become a web service. First, launch Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer Express and select File New Web Site. In the New Web Site dialog box, select ASP.NET Web Service (see Figure 5-2). This will create a new web site containing the service, called Service.asmx, and the codebehind file for the service (Service.cs) will be placed in the App_Code folder.
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The security of a company s vital databases represents a common concern in this time of Web-enabled businesses. The general recommendation is against directly connecting from the Web server to the database because this setup would allow attackers easy access to critical data after they have seized control of the Web server. Instead of this direct connection, an intermediate application server is introduced. This server is placed in a so-called demilitarized zone (DMZ), located between two firewalls. Firewall #1 only allows connections from the Web server to the app server, and Firewall #2 only allows connections from the app server to the databases. Because the application server doesn t allow the execution of arbitrary SQL statements, yet provides object-oriented or function-based access to business logic, a security compromise of the Web server (which can only talk to the app server) is noncritical to a company s operations.
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As you can see from the file permissions of each directory in the root of the file system, most directories allow all users to browse them and access the files within (the last three characters of the permissions read r-x). You just won t be able to write new files there or delete the directories themselves. You might be able to modify or execute programs contained within the directory, but this will depend on the permissions of each individual file. Table 14-3 provides a brief description of what each directory and file in the Ubuntu root file system contains. This is for reference only; there s no need for you to learn this read pdf417
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Menus. This will start the Main Menu program (also accessible from the System Preferences menu). Simply check or uncheck existing entries to add or remove them from the menus, or click the New Item button to create new entries.
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Figure 13-7. Application for searching attribute values
Sometimes, you might opt to add repositories that contain particular software, such as multimedia repositories. This may be necessary because multimedia formats are often licensed under terms that Ubuntu doesn t agree with, so it declines to offer this software from its official repositories.
EventData value
Processing Line-Based Input
Figure 8 3. A typical iPhone credit card processing app
Figure 8-6. Final wizard screen for new Flex project creation A new Flex (with data services) project is created in Flash Builder. The directory structure of our newly created project looks as illustrated in Figure 8-7. In this figure, notice a WEB-INF folder appears in the WebContent folder. This folder contains most things pertaining to BlazeDS. The flex folder in WEB-INF contains all the configuration files. The lib folder contains all the JARs that implement the BlazeDS functionality.
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