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The Designer shows you the fields that are available once you run the query, as well as the methods (Fill and GetData) that are available to the programmer to write to and read from the database, respectively.
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Try It Out: Retrieving Text Data
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1. Visual Studio 2005 was not actually written using Windows Forms, although part of it is managed code. The user interface is an example of a Windows Forms application.
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Figure 2-4. LDapper add server dialog
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In the first data security walkthrough, you will experiment with HMACSHA1 and HMACSHA256 algorithms to observe the keys that those algorithms generate from the input and password/salt values supplied. In the second walkthrough, you will encrypt and decrypt data on the device using the AES algorithm.
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Click the Configure Return Type button to generate all the classes to bind the data. The Configure Operation Return Type window opens up. Keep the default: Auto detects type of data returned by this operation radio button and click Next twice. Then, you can either select the data you will be feeding or leave the default options. Once completed, select Finish.
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Because Xsan retrieves the locations of files and the status of information on the SAN using the metadata network, it s important to keep this network as free from interference as possible. File-sharing, backup operations, and other bandwidth-intensive tasks should occur on your organization s standard network. Using DHCP servers on an Xsan metadata network is not a good idea because it can make clients fail to not respond to the administrative commands sent from the Xsan Admin utility. In general, DHCP is inappropriate for Xsan metadata Controllers and Xsan
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box. Click in the Label box, delete what s there already, and type the word(s) that will help the database users identify the item.
The UAB block consists of some key elements. We already mentioned that the UAB is driven by a manifest file. This manifest file defines everything making up the application. For example, most applications have an executable, some dependent assemblies, and likely some resource files (for example, some icons). The UAB has several other key elements. The UAB defines something called a controller and a bootstrapper. The controller manages the update process. This includes starting and stopping the updater and handling events that are raised during the update process. The UAB defines two types of controllers:
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