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Marshalling objects by value means to serialize their state (instance variables), including all objects referenced by instance variables, to some persistent form from which they can be deserialized in a different context. This ability to serialize objects is provided by the .NET Framework when you set the attribute [Serializable] for a class or implement ISerializable. When passing the Customer object in the previous chapter s validation example to the server, it is serialized to XML like this: <a1:Customer id="ref-4"> <FirstName id="ref-5">Joe</FirstName> <LastName id="ref-6">Smith</LastName> <DateOfBirth>1800-05-12T00:00:00.0000+02:00</DateOfBirth> </a1:Customer> This XML document is read by the server and an exact copy of the object is created.
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<supported-locale>en</supported-locale> <portlet-info> <title>Portalbook Forums</title> <short-title>Forums</short-title> <keywords>Forums</keywords> </portlet-info> <portlet-preferences> <preference> <name>ForumCount</name> <value>5</value> <read-only>false</read-only> </preference> </portlet-preferences> </portlet> </portlet-app>
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Try It Out: Defining a Table
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Note The dpkg -r command will remove the package but leave behind its configuration files. This is
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Figure A-5. An Eclipse project without the Spring Project Nature
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Figure 15-5. Additional options in Advanced Editing mode
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Designer, but we wanted you to see an alternative. VBE is full (perhaps too full) of them.
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute" minWidth="1024" minHeight="768"> <mx:Label x="23" y="31" text="Hello World"/> </mx:Application>
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This solution assumes that a rule exists in the business rules engine to determine whether an applicant meets the minimum age requirements. To call this rule from an orchestration, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. Open the project containing the orchestration. In the orchestration s Properties window, configure it to act as a long-running transaction by setting the Transaction Type property. Create a new message, and specify the name and type. In this scenario, create a message named NewHireListMessage defined by the NewHireList schema. From the toolbox, drag the following onto the design surface in top-down order:
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There are two primary steps in using the EDI pipelines. The first is to select the appropriate pipeline on the port that is being used. When you are sending documents, the port should be configured with the EdiSend pipeline. When you re receiving documents, it should have the EdiReceive pipeline. These pipelines have a number of configuration settings on them. Figure 8 18 shows the configurable properties of the EdiSend pipeline.
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You may only have one formatter entry but several provider properties. Also note that sequence does matter. The following attributes are common between formatters and providers:
Figure 12-4 shows the references used by the RS and CR ReportViewers. These references are automatically added to the project when ReportViewers are placed in Form1.
EventData value
public: // Nonvirtual GetEnumerator method for efficiency; the virtual // methods call the nonvirtual method. For each uses the // nonvirtual method. IEnumerator^ GetEnumerator() { return (IEnumerator^) gcnew CardEnumerator(this); } // nested enumerator class ref class CardEnumerator : IEnumerator { int current; Cards^ cards; public: CardEnumerator(Cards^ cards_in) { // Snapshot the collection by calling the copy constructor. cards = gcnew Cards(*cards_in); // The enumerator should always start *before* the first element, so // in a zero-based collection that is -1, but here it is 0. current = 0; } private: // implements the IEnumerator Current property virtual property Object^ _Current { // Use explicit interface implementation syntax on the get // method, not the property. The compiler requires a private // virtual method to be marked "sealed". Object^ get() sealed = System::Collections::IEnumerator::Current::get { return Current; } } public: // nonvirtual Current property for maximum efficiency property Card Current { Card get() {
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