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One and Two-ways Data Binding Using Binding tag
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See the same example with error message:
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Web Pages
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Returning the Table or Column Name
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One of the great features of Exchange is that users can configure who has access to their information and rights to perform actions on their behalf. This is called delegation, which Entourage supports. Once you have configured the initial account settings, as required by your organization, you can go ahead and configure delegation. This is where you can configure Entourage to allow you to send email as another user of the organization or provide other users with access to send mail as the account being configured. To configure access, as shown in Figure 5-4, select the Add button and then
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Note The CallContext is scoped on the level of a thread. If your application has multiple threads, you will
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I thought it would be fun to build a DataGrid that contains a list of starting hands in poker. If you have ever watched poker on TV, you most likely heard the players refer to things like pocket rockets and cowboys. These are simply nicknames they have given to starting hands. The DataGrid you are going to build in this example will look like Figure 5-12.
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Caution The exception does not have to leave the boundary of the service class itself for the transaction logic to apply. A service method that throws a runtime exception will cause a rollback even if the calling method was within the same service class and caught and quashed the transaction.
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The char data type is fixed in length. If you define a column to be 20 characters long, then 20 characters will be stored. If you enter less than the number of characters defined, the remaining length will be space filled to the right. Therefore, if a column were defined as char (10), aaa would be stored as aaa . Use this data type when the column data is to be of fixed length, which tends to be the case for customer IDs and bank account IDs.
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SQL Server SQL Server 4.2 A desktop database
back and forth. AppleFileServer runs on the computer, sharing files as a process. That process listens on port 548. Another computer requests traffic over port 548, and when the host computer is listening, it responds, and a communication link between the two computers is established. And this all happens in a matter of milliseconds. Many processes are easy to identify. Processes that listen for traffic can also be running as hidden processes or as a different user. mDNS (called Bonjour or Rendezvous in Mac OS X 10.3 and later and Rendezvous in 10.2 and earlier) is the protocol that allows other computers to discover information about your machine. mDNS (the process is known as the mDNS responder) runs over port 5353 as the root user, a user hidden by default. This means that if you were to log in as any registered user on a machine besides the root user and open the My Processes section of Activity Monitor, you would not find any processes running the mDNS protocol, because root processes are hidden. If you were to change the filter from My Processes to All Processes, you would find the mDNS responder, which is the actual process that is typically referred to as Bonjour. Now that we ve discussed what a network service is and how it talks to your computer, we ll move on to looking one of two components of the software firewall in Mac OS X. The Application Layer Firewall (or ALF) component of the software firewall will allow or deny an application from establishing communication over the network, not based on its ports but based on the application itself. Rather than open and close ports on your computer, an ALF grants access based on whether the application itself has access, not through the configuration of ports. The second component of the software firewall is the command line ipfw tool (described in detail later in this chapter), which opens and closes ports. The combination of the two provides a maximum of security if you so choose to use them (and is a serious annoyance if they are configured incorrectly).
Embedding scripts in the style sheet does indeed provide a handy way to perform operations that are beyond the capabilities of XSLT. However, it doesn t provide a good mechanism for reusing your code. What if you wish to use the same function elsewhere in the application or in other style sheets This is where extension objects come into the picture. Simply put, extension objects are objects external to the style sheet that provide some functionality to the style sheet. Extension objects promote greater code reuse and are more flexible and maintainable than embedded script blocks. To illustrate the use of extension objects, we will modify our previous example. First, we will put the GetBirthDate() function in a separate class called Employee rather than embedding it in the style sheet. The newly created Employee class should look similar to Listing 6-16. Listing 6-16. Placing the GetBirthDate() Function in a Class class Employee { public string GetBirthDate(int employeeid) { SqlConnection cnn = new SqlConnection(@"data source=.\sqlexpress;initial catalog=northwind;integrated security=true"); SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(); cmd.Connection = cnn; cmd.CommandText = "SELECT birthdate FROM employees WHERE employeeid=@id"; SqlParameter pDOB = new SqlParameter("@id", employeeid); cmd.Parameters.Add(pDOB);
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