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<expiration-cache>0</expiration-cache> <supports> <mime-type>text/html</mime-type> <portlet-mode>edit</portlet-mode> <portlet-mode>help</portlet-mode> <portlet-mode>view</portlet-mode> </supports> <portlet-info> <title>Taxonomy Portlet</title> <short-title>Taxonomy</short-title> <keywords>Taxonomy,Lucene</keywords> </portlet-info> <portlet-preferences> <preference> <name>bookmark</name> <value>/content/marketing</value> </preference> <preferences-validator> com.portalbook.portlets.TaxonomyValidator </preferences-validator> </portlet-preferences> <security-role-ref> <role-name>Administrator</role-name> <role-link>admin</role-link> </security-role-ref> </portlet> <!-To add custom portlet modes to the portlet.xml file, add a file to your XDoclet merge directory called custom-portlet-modes.xml that contains the <custom-portlet-mode></custom-portlet-mode> markup. --> <!-To add custom window states to the portlet.xml file, add a file to your XDoclet merge directory called portlet-custom-window-states.xml that contains the <custom-window-state></custom-window-state> markup. -->
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CHAPTER 2: Services, Daemons, and Processes
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and dimensions). The next step is to complete the pivot table layout for the BAM view.
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public PortletSession getPortletSession ()
An important step in the deployment of a BizTalk solution is to enlist and start send port messaging artifacts. You can do this from the BizTalk Administration Console, either in isolation or as part of a larger application deployment.
Try It Out: Displaying Connection Information
This method is similar to the ShowFile() method. Basically, you get the isolated storage instance, and open the file using the OpenFile() method, passing it the full file path. However, this time, you pass the OpenFile() method FileMode.OpenOrCreate. This way, if the file doesn t exist, the application will create it. You then attach the returned stream to a StreamWriter, and write the contents to the Stream using the StreamWriter s Write() method. After writing the file, you clean up the objects and call the GetStorageData() method, which will cause the newly created file to appear in the files ListBox (in the event a new file was created). At this point, you re ready to test your completed application.
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