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private function playSong():void { player.addEventListener(PlayProgressEvent.PLAYER_PROGRESS, onPlayerProgress); player.addEventListener(DownloadEvent.DOWNLOAD_PROGRESS, onDownloadProgress); player.addEventListener(PlayerEvent.PLAYER_ERROR, onPlayerError); player.addEventListener(Id3Event.ID3, onTrackDataInformation); player.playTrack(songUrl); // songLenght }
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Required by Drupal, the Watchdog module is always activated. It is responsible for the admin/ logs page, which you can see by clicking administer. The main configuration option available for these logs is the Discard Log field on the general settings screen. As discussed in 2, you will want to be aware of how large the Watchdog table is and adjust this setting accordingly, so that you keep only as much log information as is useful to you.
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Figure 10-19. Finding the available services Click the Discover drop-down link and choose Services in Solution. The dialog shown in Figure 10-20 will list the two services you created in the BookInventory project.
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Media Elements: The ParallelElement class represents a set of MediaElements that are presented in parallel. It is a media composition whose elements are presented in parallel. The SerialElement class represents a set of MediaElements that are presented one after the other. These classes used together create two composite MediaElements that can represent complex, tree-like media experiences. To better understand how this works, take a look at Figure 14-10.
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ClientChannelSinkStack IClientChannelSinkStack
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compiled with cl /clr:pure message_box.cpp user32.lib will produce an executable that runs as expected. Prepackaged libraries may or may not support the pure option. For example, as of Visual C++ 2005, ATL and MFC don t support /clr:pure. It depends on whether or not they were compiled with the /clr:pure option. You may recompile your own native libraries as pure code, provided they meet certain restrictions, such as not using Inline assembly. __declspec(align). Any construct that brings in native code. Code that generates native exports (i.e., not using __dllexport to expose functions compiled in a pure assembly to native callers). This is because the calling convention used in pure assemblies (__clrcall) is incompatible with native code. #import to use a COM library. Intrinsics, unless the intrinsics have an MSIL implementation, such as certain C runtime or CRT functions. Refer to the appendix for a table of what s available in which compilation mode. If you re a library vendor, you might decide to ship a native and a pure version of the same library. This is what Microsoft does for the CRT and Standard C++ Libraries. Recent updates to the C Runtime Library and the Standard C++ Library allow programs to use the pure version of these libraries. If you compile with /clr or /clr:pure, the appropriate pure version of these standard libraries will be linked in. Using a separate pure version of a library can be advantageous if there are frequent calls to a library, since it s better if program execution remains mainly in either managed code or native code, rather than switching frequently between the two.
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Backing Up and Restoring Databases in phpBB 3.0
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Suppose that you write a business expense-tracking app. This app allows users to enter their receipts onto the BlackBerry, then uploads the data to a server or sends the user an email. So far, so good. Now, imagine that while the app is transmitting that data, a hacker uses a packet sniffer to observe the message being sent. Now, someone else has access to personal financial information from your users, which they may use to steal their identity or crack bank accounts. To be sure, not every app will need to worry about this sort of thing. Who cares if a hacker eavesdrops on a weather-predicting app Early on in development, you should consider and discuss the security profile of your app. 1. 2. 3. Does the app have access to sensitive data Does the app store such data Transmit it What are the risks associated with loss or interception of that data
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In the MSDN Resource Center, you will find lots of .NET Remoting samples. The following link brings up a page with some advanced .NET Remoting samples showing the internals of the infrastructure. cpconRemotingExamples.asp
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cp /usr/share/doc/nautilus/README ~
The two objects that are most useful are the SQLServer:PhysicalDisk and the SQLServer:Buffer Manager. Following are the physical disc counters to watch: % Disk Time Avg. Disk Queue Length Avg. Disk sec/Read Avg. Disk sec/Write Avg. Disk Reads/sec Avg. Disk Writes/sec
CHAPTER 10: iPhone
CHAPTER 3: Some Basics
Table 11 2. Business Milestone Group
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