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Figure 3 4. String Concatenate functoids on the design surface 3. Click the FirstName element in the source schema and drag it across to the left point on the first String Concatenate functoid. Click the right side of the String Concatenate functoid, and drag it across to the Name element in the destination schema. Double-click the first String Concatenate functoid. Click the Plus button (this will add a new input), and create a constant that has a space in it (see Figure 3 5).
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Both descriptions and package names are searched. The list of results will show the package name on the left and a description on the right. Sometimes, the results can scroll off the screen, so it s useful to pipe the output into less:
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UploadPhoto(); You are now ready to run the application. Set the Windows Phone 7 emulator as your deployment target, click F5, and when the application comes up, click the camera button (the first button on the Application Bar). Take a picture, accept it, and then click the TwitPic button. If no errors were reported in the status TextBlock, you should see your image on TwitPic s web site, as shown in Figure 16 4.
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public void store() throws IOException, ValidatorException
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After reading this chapter, you ve finally reached the level of .NET Remoting wizardship. Not only do you know how to extend the framework using custom sinks and providers, but now you can also implement a complete channel from scratch. You learned that most work in implementing a custom channel has to be expended in understanding and encapsulating the underlying protocol. Mapping an asynchronous protocol to synchronous calls and vice versa is an especially important and challenging task. You also know how to implement IChannelSender and IChannelReceiver, how to combine them into a top-level channel, and how to assign default formatters to a channel. In the next chapter, I introduce you to the possibilities of using the basic principle of .NET Remoting, which is the processing of method calls using messages instead of stack-based calling conventions in your local applications.
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Figure 5-9. The Themedev module in action
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Technique 4: Add Explicit Type Arguments When Necessary
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If you have a web site, you can assume that search engines will find it and index the text and code of your site, adding it into their extensive catalog of sites for users to search. Many administrators do not want their sites to appear in search engines for a variety of reasons. The robots.txt file is a simple text file script at the root of your web host that tells a robot whether it has access to a certain file or directory. It is designed for companies that want to keep their data from being scanned by bots, preventing search engines from scanning or crawling their web site. It s flexible, in that different rules can be specified based on the robot s user agent. A sample robots.txt is as follows:
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openssl x509 -in -inform DER -out -outform PEM
snfsdefrag -c -r /Volumes/bighonkinvolume
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namespace Sponsors { public class InstanceSponsor: MarshalByRefObject, ISponsor { public DateTime lastKeepAlive; public InstanceSponsor() { Console.WriteLine("{0} SPONSOR: Created ", DateTime.Now); lastKeepAlive = DateTime.Now; } public void KeepAlive() { Console.WriteLine("{0} SPONSOR: KeepAlive() called", DateTime.Now); // tracks the time of the last keepalive call lastKeepAlive = DateTime.Now; } public TimeSpan Renewal(System.Runtime.Remoting.Lifetime.ILease lease) { Console.WriteLine("{0} SPONSOR: Renewal() called", DateTime.Now);
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