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The Read() method allows you to iterate through the table. It calls the Read() method of the OleDbDataReader class and returns a Boolean value indicating whether the read operation was successful. As the record pointer is moving on to a new record, the current column index and value are reset.
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As discussed in 7, getting the index right is crucial to fast data manipulation and retrieval. If you find you are forever placing the same columns in a WHERE clause, but those columns do not form part of an index, perhaps this is something that should be revisited to see whether any gain can come from having the columns be part of an index. For any table, ensuring that the WHERE clause is correct is important. As has been indicated from a speed perspective, using an index will ensure a fast response of data. This gains greater importance with each table added, and even more importance as the size of each table grows. Finally, by ensuring the WHERE statement filters out the correct rows, you will ensure that the required data is returned, the right results are displayed, and less data is sent across the network, as the processing is done on the server and not the client. Also, having the appropriate indexing strategy helps with this as well. It is also possible to return a specific number of rows, or a specific percentage of the number of rows, as you saw when displaying rows in SQL Server Management Studio. These statements are discussed next, with a short code example demonstrating each in action. First of all, we will look at a statement that does not actually form part of the SELECT command itself.
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IMessageSink msgsink = (IMessageSink) _provider.CreateSink(this,url,remoteChannelData); return msgsink; } else { objectURI =null; return null; } }
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Implementing the Server
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How It Works
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Packaging, Publishing, and Managing Applications
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Change the line that reads PRELINKING=unknown to PRELINKING=yes. Then save the file and quit Gedit. To run a prelinking scan of your system, simply issue this command:
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Step 2: Designing the Report Layout
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Figure 18-12. Starting the LinkChecker Firefox extension
HTML Filter
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