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Figure 3-28. The client s output
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Figure 5-60. Report design after adding report header and related report items Designing the Body Section As we did in the English version, let s add the Table report item by selecting Toolbox Report Items Table and dragging and dropping it inside the body section in the report designer. As usual, a new table item with the name table1 is part of the report now. As with the English report, please make sure you have five columns in table1. Let s take care of the mapping now. Drag Data Source dsChartOfAccounts AccountCode and drop it inside the last column of the table item s detail section (TableRow2). Repeat this task for AccountNameEng and AccountGeneralCode in reverse order.
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If you have a USB memory stick inserted, or a photographic card reader, it will be identified by the Ubuntu installer in this way. You can ignore this or, if you want to avoid confusion, quit the installer, remove the memory stick or card reader, and restart the installer program.
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CHAPTER 6: Mass Deployment
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several tools to help you with this goal. The first tool, clean URLs, can be turned on from the admin/settings page, as explained in 2. The second, and arguably more important, tool is the Path module. The Path module allows you to create custom paths for any Drupal content node or alternate aliases for existing paths. This module allows you to replace URLs like node/5 with more meaningful names like instructions_for_use or info/instructions. Also, if you re migrating an existing site to Drupal, you can use the Path module to make sure the old URLs do not get broken. You can make an alias for node (the default front page) called index.html. Then, when you switch from your old system to Drupal, the users who have bookmarked index.html won t be left in the cold.
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Note Please be aware that this component is not officially supported by Microsoft, the publisher of this
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The .NET Remoting server will be called in the click event of the command button, as you can see in the following code snippet: private void ActionCall_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) {
When a custom exception is thrown by your application, you will afterwards receive either the information shown in Figure 10-7, if customErrors has been set to off , or the information shown in Figure 10-8, with customErrors set to on.
The user taps the entry for an application on the installed applications screen, and a new instance of an application is created.
Step 3: Writing the C# Code
@property NSUInteger @property NSUInteger
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