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Using Unsuitable Columns
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Figure 5 13. Setting an additional message part s type 12. In the Orchestration View window, expand the top node of the tree view so that the Messages folder is visible. 13. Right-click the Messages folder, and select New Message, which creates a message. 14. Click the new message, and give it a descriptive name in the Properties window. In our example, the message is named MultiPartOrderMessage. 15. Click the Message Type property in the Properties window, and select the appropriate type to associate with the message, as shown in Figure 5 14. In our example, we select the Order multipart message type.
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xmlns:xsi= xsi:schemaLocation= "" > <portlet> <description>Portlet Attribute Lister</description> <!--The rest of the portlet definition has been omitted --> </portlet> <user-attribute> <description>User Given Name</description> <name></name> </user-attribute> <user-attribute> <description>User Title</description> <name></name> </user-attribute> <user-attribute> <description>User Name Suffix</description> <name></name> </user-attribute> <user-attribute> <description>User Family Name</description> <name></name> </user-attribute> <user-attribute> <description>User Middle Name</description> <name></name> </user-attribute> <user-attribute> <description>User Employer Name</description> <name>user.employer</name> </user-attribute> <user-attribute> <description>User Department Name</description> <name>user.department</name> </user-attribute> <user-attribute> <description>User Job Title</description> <name>user.jobtitle</name> </user-attribute> </portlet-app>
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Listing 6-24. The Configuration of the CreateUserAction Bean
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Client-Side Architecture
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We ll need to write code for the page load event. Please make sure code inside the default.aspx page looks like the following: using using using using using using using using using using System; System.Data; System.Configuration; System.Web; System.Web.Security; System.Web.UI; System.Web.UI.WebControls; System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts; System.Web.UI.HtmlControls; Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms;
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Looking at the Previous Approaches of Deploying Windows Forms Applications
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Note Linux comes with a couple more backup commands, which you might choose to use. They are cpio
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4. When you ve finished, click the Close button. The new controls should then be
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Figure 8-1. States of a transaction
Figure A-16. Adding bean definition dependencies to a web flow definition
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In the first example, PopDataSet (Listing 13-1), you saw how simple it is to get data into a dataset. The second example, FilterSort (Listing 13-2), was just a variation, demonstrating how multiple result sets are handled and how to filter and sort data tables. However, the two programs have one major difference. Did you notice it FilterSort doesn t explicitly open a connection! In fact, it s the first (but won t be the last) program you ve written that doesn t. Why doesn t it The answer is simple but very important. The Fill method automatically opens a connection if it s not open when Fill() is called. It then closes the connection after filling the dataset. However, if a connection is open when Fill() is called, it uses that connection and doesn t close it afterward. So, although datasets are completely independent of databases (and connections), just because you re using a dataset doesn t mean you re running disconnected from a database. If you want to run disconnected, use datasets, but don t open connections before filling them (or, if a connection is open, close it first). Datasets in themselves don t imply either connected or disconnected operations. You leave the standard conn.Close(); in the finally block. Since Close() can be called without error on a closed connection, it presents no problems if called unnecessarily, but it definitely guarantees that the connection will be closed, whatever may happen in the try block.
Figure 6-12. Identity flows from the client through the Web server to the remoting server.
responses provide the methods needed for writing content fragments for the portal page. The user s portlet session contains attributes that are accessible by all portlets in a portlet application, or marked for use by only one instance of a portlet. Portlets should prefix JavaScript elements with a namespace, and the portlet should encode paths to images or other resources in the web application. Portlets may support more than one portlet mode or content type. The portal provides several window states for portlets, and custom portlet modes or window states are possible. We have demonstrated uploading a file to a portlet, and using the session for interportlet communication.
7. When everything is installed, close Firefox and then start it again.
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