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Note The Group Hub page also provides filtered views of suspended service instances, including resumable
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launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ssh.plist
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if (isPlaying) { return; } songURL = songUrl; songLength = Number((songLenght/1000).toFixed(2)); var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(songUrl); sound = new Sound(); sound.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, downloadCompleteHandler); sound.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, ioErrorHandler); sound.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, downloadProgressHandler); sound.load(request); channel =; channel.addEventListener(Event.SOUND_COMPLETE, trackCompleteHandler); soundPosition = new Timer(50); soundPosition.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, positionTimerHandler); soundPosition.start(); isPlaying = true; }
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Assume that you have three XML instances schemas as follows (XML instances are shown for clarification): <Person> <ID>ID_0</ID> <TraceFlag>true</TraceFlag> <Name>Name_1</Name> </Person> <Company> <ID>ID_0</ID> <TraceFlag>true</TraceFlag> <CompanyName>CompanyName_2</CompanyName> </Company> <Address> <ID>ID_0</ID> <TraceFlag>true</TraceFlag> <AddressLine>AddressLine_1</AddressLine> </Address> Two of the elements are common in all three of the schemas and represent values that are common: ID represents a common tracking ID, and TraceFlag represents whether logging should occur in an orchestration. The elements are not truly part of the description of a Person, Company, or Address, but their values need to be available. Your goal is to move these common fields out of the schemas so that they look as follows: <Person> <Name>Name_1</Name>
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if(!form.getStartTime().before(form.getEndTime())) { errors.rejectValue("startTime", "create.period.startTime.swapped"); errors.rejectValue("endTime", "create.period.endTime.swapped"); } } } The mechanism by which the framework is notified of the problems encountered with the submitted data is standard for all these approaches. An Errors interface-implementing object (BindException implements Errors) is passed to the validation logic, and methods are called on the Errors object. The form can be rejected as a whole, or individual named fields can be rejected. For example, the code errors.rejectValue("note", ... ); rejects the note field of the form being validated, whereas errors.reject( ... ); rejects the entire form as being invalid without specifying any particular field. The error is normally expressed as an error code that will be used to obtain a suitable message to the user from a resource bundle. For convenience during development, a default message parameter can also be provided for display if the code cannot be found in the resource bundles. The onSubmit method may use the errors encountered during processing to present a custom validation failure page instead of the form page. Therefore, populating the Errors object does not automatically cause the framework to re-present the default form page. As a convenience, however, the original form page (with the Errors object) can be displayed by calling the showForm method, as shown in Listing 6-13.
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The reason why you do not see any source on this page is because there is none. The request to the server simply returns a picture. By setting the MIME type on the response, the browser knows to read the bitstream for the image and render it as a JPG. Thus, within a page, you could point an <img> tag at the page to get it to render these graphics. Here s an example: reading code128 tag
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Tip You can temporarily switch into any user account by typing su <username>. When you ve finished,
permissions to match those of the ACLs when data moves into the directory structure controlled by ExtremeZ-IP. Folder and file permissions will change to those of their new parent folder.
The keyword NOT, used in conjunction with IN, selects rows that don t match any value in a list. Let s say you need to get a list of all orders that have been entered by employees other than the ones with IDs of 1 or 6. Enter the following query into SSMSE and execute it. You should see the results in Figure 11-4.
Once you have established permissions on a directory, it is important to note that it only affects that directory. If you establish an ACE that has inheritance properties, those properties will only be inherited on newly created objects. To establish your permissions on existing files and folders, you will likely want to propagate those permissions to existing files and directories. To do so, with the desired parent folder selected, click on the Widget menu, and the select Propagate Permissions. You will then be presented with a sheet allowing you to select which permissions to propagate. As shown in Figure 4 6, choices include: owner name, group name, owner privileges, group privileges, everyone privileges, and Access Control Lists.
the key was pressed.
BlackBerry devices have a pretty major shortcoming: they do not provide any real organization for installed apps. Everything gets dumped onto the Home screen or a particular folder, without separation between Games, Tools, Productivity, etc. There are currently no settings to change this. However, you can control the relative position of an icon by following these steps. 1. 2. 3. 4. Right-click your main project (such as MediaGrabber) in Eclipse and select Properties. Open BlackBerry Project Properties. Select the Application tab. Enter a value for the Home screen position box.
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