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Let s move on to Exercise 7-3 to see how the Treeview control will provide you with links to navigate to the other pages within the project.
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first look at this in 15 when you saw how scripting was used to instantiate and manipulate the control. In this chapter, you ll take a look at how you can manipulate your XAML UI. It s a very high-level overview, so for more details, take a look at a book such as Introducing Silverlight 1.0 (Microsoft Press, 2007).
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Step 2: Designing the Report Layout
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The first thing to understand about making accessories for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch is that you ll need to have a PC, specifically a Microsoft Windows based machine. That blows my mind every time I say it. Most of the support tools that you ll use to create firmware for your parts, including the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), run only on Windows. A few support Linux and some compilers even run on Mac OS X, but you ll find that most of what you plan to use is Windows-based.
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Within an XML configuration file you name List_Of_ValueXRef.xml, insert the XML shown in Listing 3 13. Listing 3 13. List_Of_ValueXRef.xml < xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" > <listOfValueXRef> <valueXRef> <name>Order.Status</name> <description/> </valueXRef> </listOfValueXRef>
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Appendix: The Visual Studio IDE
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Internationalization module ( from the contributed module repository.
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A couple of other handy commands that you can use to view text files are head and tail. As their names suggest, these let you quickly view the beginning (head) of a file or the end (tail) of it.
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The usefulness of this procedure is limited and is really only helpful for keeping structure backups or producing an empty database, but it is useful to know rather than going through the process of copying the database with all the data when the data is not required. This method tends to be used to keep the structure within a source repository like Visual SourceSafe. It is also very useful for setting up empty databases when moving from development to test, or into production.
public void AsyncProcessResponse(IClientResponseChannelSinkStack sinkStack, object state, ITransportHeaders headers, Stream stream) { // decompress the stream if necessary String xcompress = (String) headers["X-Compress"]; if (xcompress != null && xcompress == "yes") { stream = CompressionHelper.GetUncompressedStreamCopy(stream); }
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