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For example, to turn off LED #2, you send the sequence 0x010202 from the iPhone to the accessory. Status information works basically the same, but in the opposite direction. Instead of a command byte, you might have a status byte that indicates one of several conditions. For the results of a start diagnostics command, you might have 0x01 to mean that the tests completed successfully, 0x02 to mean that the tests completed but something failed, or 0x03 to mean that the tests hung up and did not complete. Additional information might include the duration of the diagnostic in milliseconds, the test that failed, or the last test that completed before the diagnostic routine hung. What does all this have to do with protocols The set of structures that you define to handle the communications between the iPhone and the accessory in both directions forms your protocol. So you might have some number of command structures like Figure 2 4 and another similar set for status as well as possibly other information that you transfer. However many of these sets of transfer structures you create, when placed all together, they form the External Accessory protocol. You might be asking, What s the big deal I always define some structure to my messaging. The big deal in this case is that the protocol has to be named and defined in the properties list of your project. In addition, Apple requires a specific naming convention, reverse-DNS, using your company s Internet address or a name that you are authorized to use. For example, if your company s name was fsda357 and you owned the domain, you might name your first protocol com.fsda357.p1, where p1 indicates this is your first protocol. You could just as easily call it com.fsda357.protocol1, or com. fsda357.protocolthx1138, or com. fsda357.ihatenamingprotocols. The key point to naming the protocol is that it must be unique and typically Apple likes to do that using reverse-DNS. Check out the preferences files on your Mac if you don t believe it.
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slControl.content.findName("LightUpYellow").Begin(); break; } } else { inMovesPlayBack = false } } function handleAnimComplete() { if(inMovesPlayBack) { doNextFrame(); } else { if(currentUserCol == theMoves[currentUserMove]) { // We can keep going if(currentUserMove>=currentMove) { gameloop(); } } else { // We hit an error -- game OVER gameOver(); } } inAnim=false; } function setUpEventHandlers() { slControl.content.findName("rBlue").addEventListener("MouseLeftButtonDown", handleMouseDown);
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with the examples in this section, you must have full versions of the SQL Server product.
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In case you need to iterate through the collection, in order to retrieve all the items in the employee node you can use one of one of the following three methods (which return the same results) and you don t need to convert to XMLList first.
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Prepare phase: When the transaction manager receives a commit request, it sends a prepare command to all of the resource managers involved in the transaction. Each resource manager then does everything required to make the transaction durable, and all buffers holding any of the log images for other transactions are flushed to disk. As each resource manager completes the prepare phase, it returns success or failure of the prepare phase to the transaction manager. Commit phase: If the transaction manager receives successful prepares from all of the resource managers, it sends a COMMIT command to each resource manager. If all of the resource managers report a successful commit, the transaction manager sends notification of success to the application. If any resource manager reports a failure to prepare, the transaction manager sends a ROLLBACK statement to each resource manager and indicates the failure of the commit to the application.
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As you can see, this is just a straightforward class implementation. The idea is that your custom code to define a WCF service exists outside of your implementation code, and is configured via a Web.config file. This means that the business logic developers concentrate on the business logic and don t wrap it up in the plumbing. It s a very neat aspect of the WCF design that will make the implementation of enterprise-grade services easy. Next, you build the operation itself. Here s the code:
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Figure 2-7. Editing a box selection in Visual Studio 2010
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Using the TableReader Class
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By default, the class library contains one class. You can, of course, add more classes at a later stage if required. Now, add a method named HelloWorld() in the class library. The method is shown in Listing 1-8. Listing 1-8. HelloWorld() Method public string HelloWorld() { return "Hello from Windows Forms"; } The method simply returns a string to the caller. Once we compile the class library as outlined before, our class library is ready to be consumed in another application. Choose Projects Add Reference from the menu to open the Add Reference dialog box (see Figure 1-17).
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Adobe Open Screen Media Framework
Figure 3-15. Creating the tblPhotoAlbum table You will now repeat similar steps to create the tblPhotoAlbumPictures table. Here they are: 1. Right-click the tables folder in the treeview within the Database Explorer and select Add New Table. 2. Enter in all the columns as shown in Figure 3-16. Ensure the length for the Name column is 50, and ensure that newid() is speci ed as the Default Value for the PictureID column. 3. Right-click the PictureID eld, and set it as the primary key. 4. Now save your table and give it the name tblPhotoAlbumPictures.
Data Packet Encryption
If you don t have this page already, add a new web form to your project and call it SignedIn.aspx. Listing 10-2 shows the code for this page.
%ATHER.DeviceDesc.0023% = ATHER_DEV_0023.ndi, PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0024
1. The Template Explorer contains a template set up for output parameters. Navigate to this template, shown in Figure 10-5, and double-click it.
There are two options for CPU costing (system statistics) in 10g. Unless you are already familiar with the use of system statistics in 9i, you will find that 10g will force your system into CPU costing using some special noworkload statistics. This will affect the cost of tablescans significantly but the scale of the change is different from the changes caused by the normal CPU costing algorithm used by 9i. In particular, you will also notice a greater variation in costs if you have code that modifies the db_file_multiblock_read_count for different processes. If you decide to start gathering workload system statistics in 10g, the effects could be quite surprising when compared with noworkload system statistics. Moreover, the dbms_stats.delete_system_stats() procedure doesn t seem to work, so the only way to get rid of the gathered statistics if you decide you don t want them is to do an explicit delete from the sys.aux_stats$ table. (This is fixed in 10.2 so you do have a legal way of getting back to noworkload system statistics after experimenting with gathered system statistics.)
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