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Manager to coordinate with and delegate responsibility to server-side objects Messaging service provider to send and receive messages
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How to Avoid Cross-Scripting Attacks
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We set a data point with a number.
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Next let s add some styles to improve the look of the application. We will add three implicit styles (as discussed in 12). <UserControl x:Class="SimplePrinting.MainPage" xmlns="" xmlns:x="" xmlns:d="" xmlns:mc="" xmlns:sdk="" mc:Ignorable="d" d:DesignHeight="300" d:DesignWidth="400"> <UserControl.Resources> <Style TargetType="Button"> <Setter Property="Margin" Value="5" /> </Style> <Style TargetType="sdk:DataGrid"> <Setter Property="Margin" Value="5" /> </Style> <Style TargetType="TextBlock"> <Setter Property="Margin" Value="5" /> <Setter Property="FontSize" Value="18" /> </Style> </UserControl.Resources>
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It s time to build the project now. You can click the small, green play button in the main toolbox or press F5 on the keyboard to start the application in run-time mode. If the program compiles without any errors, you will see the form with the report in preview mode. Please make sure the report looks similar to the one shown in Figure 12-1. There you go; now you can see same report side by side using two different tools. The example we just did does not use the full potential of either RS or CR; the idea was to show you how to create a simple report using the two out-of-the-box solutions provided with Visual Studio.
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A subquery is a query on the data that is found within another query statement. There will only be one row of data returned and usually only one column of data as well. It can be used to check or set a value of a variable or column, or used to test whether a row of data exists in a WHERE statement. To expand on this, there may be times when you wish to set a column value based on data from another query. One example we have is the ShareDetails.Shares table. If we had a column defined for MaximumSharePrice that held the highest value the share price had gone for that year, rather than doing a test every time the share price moved, we could use the MAX function to get the highest share price, put that value into a variable, and then set the column via that variable. The code would be similar to that defined here:
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private byte[] data; // New menu items private MenuItem playItem = new MenuItem("Play", 0, 0) { public void run() { play(); } }; private MenuItem showItem = new MenuItem("Show", 0, 0) { public void run() { showPicture(); } }; private MenuItem sendItem = new MenuItem("Send", 0, 0) { public void run() { send(false); } }; private MenuItem sendEncryptedItem = new MenuItem("Send Encrypted", 0, 0) { public void run() { send(true); } }; // New menu options public void makeMenu(Menu menu, int instance) { if (instance == Menu.INSTANCE_DEFAULT) { if (state == STATE_READY) { menu.add(goItem); } else if (state == STATE_RECORDING) { menu.add(stopItem); } else if (state == STATE_RECORDED) { menu.add(playItem); menu.add(sendItem); menu.add(sendEncryptedItem); } else if (state == STATE_RECORDED_IMAGE) { menu.add(showItem); menu.add(sendItem);
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F# is a typed language, so it s reasonable to ask what the type of wordCount is. F# Interactive has shown it already: val wordCount : string -> int * int This indicates that wordCount takes one argument of type string and returns int * int, which is F# s way of saying a pair of integers. The keyword val stands for value, and the symbol -> indicates that wordCount is a function. No explicit type is given in the program for the type of the argument text, because the full type for wordCount is inferred from its definition. We discuss type inference further in the What Is Type Inference sidebar and in more detail in later chapters. Types are significant in both F# and .NET programming more generally for reasons that range from performance to coding productivity and interoperability. Types are used to help structure libraries, to guide you through the complexity of an API, and to place constraints on code to ensure that it can be implemented efficiently. Unlike in many other typed languages, F# s type system is both simple and powerful because it uses orthogonal, composable constructs such as tuples and functions to form succinct and descriptive types. Furthermore, type inference means you almost never have to write types in your program, although doing so can be useful. Table 2-1 shows some of the most important type constructors. s 3 and 4 discuss all these types in more detail. Table 2-1. Some Important Types and Type Constructors and Their Corresponding Values
Having access to the control view state means that your server-side code isn t limited to getting and setting properties it can also respond to events within the controls. Remember, as the code is running on the client, and since the client is constrained to the
You defined three methods in the ApplicationInterface class. Now you ll provide the implementation for these methods in the MainWindow class. The implementation for these methods is shown in Listing 9-11. Listing 9-11. Implementing the Method Calls by the ApplicationInterface Class public void RequestBook(ReservationRequest request) { // Setup a dictionary object for passing parameters Dictionary<string, object> parameters = new Dictionary<string, object>(); parameters.Add("request", request); parameters.Add("Writer", new ListBoxTextWriter(lstEvents)); WorkflowApplication i = new WorkflowApplication(new ProcessRequest(), parameters); request.InstanceID = i.Id; _incomingRequests.Add(i.Id, i); i.Run(); } public void RespondToRequest(ReservationResponse response) { Guid id = response.RequestID; WorkflowApplication i = _outgoingRequests[id]; try { i.ResumeBookmark("GetResponse", response); } catch (Exception e2) { AddEvent(e2.Message); } } public void AddNewRequest(ReservationRequest request) { this.requestList.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke (new Action(() => this.requestList.Items.Add(request))); } The RequestBook() method is similar to the btnRequest_Click() method. It is called when an incoming message is received by the ServiceHost and the RequestBook method of the service contract is specified. It builds a Dictionary object to store the single input argument, creates the WorkflowApplication, adds it to the _incomingRequests collection, and then starts the workflow. The RespondToRequest() method is also called when a message is received by the ServiceHost. It is called when the RespondToRequest method is specified. This happens when the other branch is sending back a response to the original request. It gets the WorkflowApplication from the _outgoingRequests collection and resumes the bookmark passing in the ReservationResponse class.
<TextBlock Text="Register for a New Account" FontSize="20" FontWeight="Bold" Margin="5" Grid.ColumnSpan="2" /> <TextBlock Padding="5" Margin="5" Text="First Name" FontSize="12" Grid.Row="1" /> <TextBox Padding="5" Margin="5" FontSize="12" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="1" /> </Grid> 4. In the third row, add another TextBlock in the first column with the Text Last Name, and add a TextBox in the second column. Add some Margin and Padding to improve the appearance. In the fourth row, add a Button to the second column with the Text Register. Finally, in the fifth row, add a TextBlock to the second column with the Text blank. Name the TextBlock Result. Your XAML should look like the following code, with the result as shown in Figure 6-12. <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <ColumnDefinition Width="150" /> <ColumnDefinition Width="*" /> </Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition Height="40" /> <RowDefinition Height="40" /> <RowDefinition Height="40" /> <RowDefinition Height="40" /> <RowDefinition Height="40" /> </Grid.RowDefinitions> <TextBlock Text="Register for a New Account" FontSize="20" FontWeight="Bold" Margin="5" Grid.ColumnSpan="2" />
Error: The Source of the Report Definition Has Not Been Specified
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