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Usability should determine the fonts you choose for your application. For usability, avoid fonts that are difficult to read or highly embellished. Stick to simple, easy-to-read fonts such as Palatino or Times New Roman. Also, as with other design elements, fonts should be applied consistently throughout the application. Use cursive or decorative fonts only for visual effects, such as on a title page if appropriate, and never to convey important information.
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To get started with ExtremeZ-IP, download the software from, extract the installer from the ZIP file, run the executable, and select Next at the Welcome screen. Heed the warning to close all open applications----including Windows Explorer (explorer.exe)----and Services, then click on the OK button. At the licensing screen, indicate whether you ll be installing a licensed version or a trial of the software. Select the choice appropriate to the way you obtained the software, then click on Next, which will produce the license agreement. Read the agreement, then choose whether to accept. At the Registration screen enter the name of the person that the software is licensed to in the Name: field and the company that the software is licensed to in the Company: field. Finally, enter the license number. (You won t see this screen if you re using a trial copy.) Now you ll see a Choose Destination Location screen. If you re installing the software in the C:\Program Files\Group Logic\ExtremeZ-IP directory, you can simply click on Next; otherwise, click on the Browse button, select your installation location, and hit the Next button once again. At the Select Program Folder screen, click on Next if you want the program name to show up in the Start menu under All Programs, or click on another subdirectory if you d like to customize where the item will appear, then click Next when you re satisfied.
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CHAPTER 3: Securing User Accounts
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In classic C++, virtual functions behave differently in the constructor than they do elsewhere. This is because it was seen as undesirable to call virtual functions on derived classes whose constructors had not yet been called. Instead, the most derived function that is already constructed is called, which is usually the version of the virtual function in the class whose constructor is
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Since customer aaa doesn t exist, SQL Server inserted the row, so the first operation succeeded. When the second statement in the transaction was executed, SQL Server prevented the deletion of customer ALFKI because it had child orders, but since @maxerr wasn t zero (it s 547, as the Results window shows), you rolled back the transaction, undoing the delete.
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You can continue and write a test for the service call to retrieve the employee s information. Again, you first start by creating the test. In this case, you can create a custom event that will pass the employee s information. Take a look at the test method:
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CHAPTER 1: Directory Services
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When you run SoapSuds in its default configuration (without the -nowp parameter) by passing only a URL as an input parameter and telling it to generate an assembly, it will create what is called a wrapped proxy. The wrapped proxy can only be used on SOAP channels and will directly store the path to your server. Normally you do not want this behavior, apart from some rare testing scenarios, in which you d just like to quickly call a method on a server during development. Implementing the Server The server in this example will be implemented without any up-front definition of interfaces. You only need to create a simplistic SAO and register an HTTP channel to allow access to the metadata and the server-side object, as shown in Listing 3-22.
1: Introduction to Portals and Portlets
Note You can specify additional conditional compilation directives by using the --define command-line
Compare your code with ours: under 13. The code does authentication of the twitter s user credentials and then sets a new status on the account.
Mutable data is often hidden behind an encapsulation boundary. 7 looks at encapsulation in more detail, but one easy way to do this is to make data private to a function. For example, the following shows how to hide a mutable reference within the inner closure of values referenced by a function value: let generateStamp = let count = ref 0 (fun () -> count := !count + 1; !count) val generateStamp: unit -> int The line let count = ref 0 is executed once, when the generateStamp function is defined. Here is an example of the use of this function: > generateStamp();; val it : int = 1 > generateStamp();; val it : int = 2 This is a powerful technique for hiding and encapsulating mutable state without resorting to writing new type and class definitions. It s good programming practice in polished code to ensure that all related items of mutable state are collected under some named data structure or other entity such as a function.
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