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You will implement both steps in the next section.
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CHAPTER 1: How Did I Get Here
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The numbers do work out properly but only because I ve fiddled them a little bit. Usually it s looked as if ceil() is used on costs in 8i, and round() in 9i and 10g. The error in this example is small, so I m not going to worry too much about it. (For commonly occurring cases, I might fuss to nail down the error; for the fringe examples I m happy with a 99% fit to the model, especially since I know that the kernel code has a number of adjustments for special cases.)
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By running these two commands, you create the local group and then nest your DS group inside of it. It isn t quite as clean as pure directory groups, but it gets the job done.
Figure 8-21. The client with the new version of Person directly talking to the server
modified, it is sometimes easiest to modify in a text editor. The BizTalk schema editor can become slow with some of the larger EDI schemas (many are multiple megabytes in size).
Provides primitive constructs related to the F# language, such as tuples. See 3. Provides functional programming collections, such as sets and maps implemented using binary trees. See 3 and the section Using Further F# and .NET Data Structures later in this chapter.
Compile the example and take a look at Figure 11-8, which shows the application.
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