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How It Works
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-a: all -b: battery -c: wall power -u: UPS
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You ll also have to make sure that port 1433 is open on the firewall of both your web and database servers to be able to communicate.
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Installing Software
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Continuing with the new author George, when George registered, an e-mail message was also sent to you, as the administrator, informing you of the new registration. You need to log in to your blog and promote the new user George to allow him to post stories. Click Users along the top of the administration page, and then click Authors & Users. You will see the lists of authors and registered users, as shown in Figure 15-19. Authors are registered users who have permission to create posts. Registered users are registered but not able to create any posts.
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Error Type Extensions
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Populating the Virtual Machine List
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Exercise 7-6. Implementing Site Navigation Security
To get started with language-oriented programming, it s helpful to begin with the standard structured data format Extensible Markup Language (XML). .NET comes with well-engineered libraries for reading and generating XML, so you can initially skirt many of the issues associated with concrete language formats. 15 also covers XML as a data format, and 16 discusses techniques to tokenize and parse other textual formats. 16 also briefly covers binary formats.
Note Microsoft recommends you use as little white color as possible (especially in backgrounds), since excessive use of white color may have a negative impact on battery life.
Using the DataSet in a Web Method
Next, save the configuration file, and restart the LDAP service by sending it a HUP signal using the following command:
Reading and Examining Configurations
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