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Listing A-3 is compiled with cl /clr /doc /LD xml_comments.cpp The documentation comments are generated with xdcmake xml_comments.xdc The resulting xml_comments.xml file, with some minor whitespace alterations, is as follows: < xml version="1.0" > <doc> <assembly> xml_comments </assembly> <members> <member name="M:R.G(System.String,System.String)"> The method G is a method in the R class. <summary>Counts the number of characters in two strings. </summary> <param name="s1"> Description for s1</param> <param name="s2"> Description for s2</param> <returns>The sum of the length of two strings.</returns> </member> <member name="M:R.F(System.Int32)"> <summary>F is a method in the R class. <para>You can break the comments into paragraphs. <see cref="M:R.G(System.String,System.String)" /> for related information. </para> <seealso cref="M:R.G(System.String,System.String)" /> </summary> </member> <member name="T:R"> Ref class R demonstrates XML Documentation Comments. <summary> A class demonstrating documentation comments </summary> <remarks> A detailed description of R goes into the remarks block </remarks> </member> </members> </doc>
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return this.lstEvents; } private void Window_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { // Open the config file and get the connection string Configuration config = ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration (ConfigurationUserLevel.None); ConnectionStringsSection css = (ConnectionStringsSection)config.GetSection("connectionStrings"); _connectionString = css.ConnectionStrings["LeadGenerator"].ConnectionString; _instanceStore = new SqlWorkflowInstanceStore(_connectionString); InstanceView view = _instanceStore.Execute (_instanceStore.CreateInstanceHandle(), new CreateWorkflowOwnerCommand(), TimeSpan.FromSeconds(30)); _instanceStore.DefaultInstanceOwner = view.InstanceOwner; // Create the DBExtension _dbExtension = new DBExtension(_connectionString); // Set up the tracking participants CreateTrackingParticipant(); CreateETWTrackingParticipant(); CreateSqlTrackingParticipant(); LoadExistingLeads(); } private void btnAddLead_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { // Setup a dictionary object for passing parameters Dictionary<string, object> parameters = new Dictionary<string, object>(); parameters.Add("ContactName", txtName.Text); parameters.Add("ContactPhone", txtPhone.Text); parameters.Add("Interests", txtInterest.Text); parameters.Add("Notes", txtNotes.Text); parameters.Add("Rating", int.Parse(txtRating.Text)); parameters.Add("Writer", new ListBoxTextWriter(lstEvents)); WorkflowApplication i = new WorkflowApplication (new EnterLead(), parameters); // Setup persistence SetupInstance(i); i.Run(); }
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After activating the Menu module, you can access the menu administration page (admin/menu). On this page, you will see a table representing the navigation menu, which is the same navigation menu that you are accustomed to dealing with so far. All of the individual items and subitems are listed in the table as rows. Figure 3-5 shows the navigation menu in its initial state, before undertaking any changes.
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The getBufferSize() method will return the buffer size used by the portlet container. Some portals will have buffering on by default, and the getBufferSize() method returns the size of the default buffer if the portlet has not called the setBufferSize() method. If there is no output buffering, this method returns a size of zero.
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This chapter has examined many different displays of website hierarchies. However, all the ones to this point have been static content. In other words, each of the pages has had a unique name and has not dealt with any query string parameters. Many professional web applications typically have a single page to display information, but that information will depend on what query string is passed to it. For example, it might be an ID number for a customer. To demonstrate, an example of a query string is similar to the following: Invoices.aspx InvoiceID=100
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This has the effect of making simple web site projects seem quite complex. To help you through this, Table 14-1 shows the most common file types used when writing web applications using F# and ASP.NET. Table 14-2 shows some additional file types you should be aware of. Table 14-1. The Most Common File Types for F# and ASP.NET
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As you can see in the design shown in Figure 13-14, all report items are inside the body section. Let s start with the rectangle item, which holds our logo. Start by dragging Report Items Rectangle from the toolbox and dropping it inside the body section on the report designer. Next, drag and drop an image item inside the rectangle item. Let s take care of the RSS news feed section. For this section, we need two text box items and one list item. First, drag and drop the text box item, and add the list item. Once the list item is on the design surface, drag and drop the second text box item inside the list item. Please set the properties of the various report items according to values specified in Table 13-6.
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Notice anything They re exactly the same. In fact, you will almost never have to do anything to main(). You can probably tell that main() does three things, but if not I ll point them out. The first thing main() does is to create an autorelease pool. You re more than likely familiar with the autorelease pool; it sets up the memory management system so that objects don t have to be released in the same functional block of code where they are created. Sure, when you do an alloc-init in a method, you make sure to add a release before the method ends to avoid memory leaks. But that doesn t mean the object is released at that moment. In the following code, you re pushing a view controller from your navigation controller.
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