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Customizable during channel creation
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Figure 6-4. Selecting the Create Index Basic node 2. A new editor will open with the following code in it. The template that is installed is based on the AdventureWorks example. As you saw in the previous chapter, you can create new templates or modify this one. -- ============================================= -- Create index basic template -- ============================================= USE <database_name, sysname, AdventureWorks> GO CREATE INDEX <index_name, sysname, ind_test> ON <schema_name, sysname, Person>.<table_name, sysname, Address> ( <column_name1, sysname, PostalCode> ) GO 3. Alter the template by either changing the code or using the Specify Values for Template Parameters option, which will make the index creating easier. The button should be on the SQL Editor toolbar (see Figure 6-5).
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.open(directoryPath); Enumeration children = directory.list(); while (children.hasMoreElements()) { String path = (String) children.nextElement(); if (path.indexOf(".mp3") != -1) { return directoryPath + path; } else if (path.indexOf("/") != -1) { String match = getFirstMP3Path(directoryPath + path); if (match != null) { return match; } } } return null; }
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Mutable, first-in, last-out stacks of unbounded size. Mutable, resizable sets implemented using hash tables. New in .NET 3.5. The F# library also defines a Microsoft.FSharp.Collections.HashSet type usable in conjunction with earlier versions of .NET.
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The PInvoke interface to the required functions involves simple type mappings as is usual for Win32 API functions. All the functions are in kernel32.dll, and the signature can be found in the Windows SDK. Listing 17-1 contains the definition of the F# wrapper for memory mapping. The SetLastError parameter informs the runtime that the called function uses the Windows mechanism for error reporting and that the GetLastError function can be read in case of error; otherwise, the CLR ignores such a value. The CharSet parameter indicates the character set assumed, and it s used to distinguish between ANSI and Unicode characters; with Auto, you delegate the runtime to decide the appropriate version. You can define the generic class MemMap that uses the functions to map a given file into memory. The goal of the class is to provide access to memory mapping in a system where memory isn t directly accessible because the runtime is responsible for its management. A natural programming abstraction to expose the memory to F# code is to provide an array-like interface where the memory is seen as a homogeneous array of values. Listing 17-1. Exposing Memory Mapping in F# module MMap = open open open open open System System.IO System.Runtime.InteropServices Microsoft.FSharp.NativeInterop Printf
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Listing 11-7 shows an example of using message_die(), excerpted from viewtopic.php. Listing 11-7. Using message_die, from viewtopic.php < php . . . if ( !($result = $db->sql_query($sql)) ) { message_die(GENERAL_ERROR, "Could not obtain topic information", '', __LINE__, __FILE__, $sql); } . . . > In Listing 11-7, viewtopic.php is trying to perform the first part of the query to the database. If this step fails, phpBB produces a General Error message, which notifies the user that topic information could not be identified, and gives the line of the file in which it failed, as well as the offending SQL statement. This permits the user to give debugging information to the developer. I recommend copious output of details in your error messages, as this can be of immense help to you as you work through creating your modifications, particularly if they are relatively large.
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Volume has changed; for VolumeCon- Object with new example, user has pressed a trol volume level volume key. Media has advanced. Called Long about once per second. Current media time in microseconds. N/A
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namespace LeadGenerator { /*****************************************************/ // This custom activity assigns Lead to the specified // person (AssignedTo parameter). The updated Lead is // returned in the output parameter. /*****************************************************/ public sealed class AssignLead : NativeActivity { public InArgument<string> AssignedTo { get; set; } public OutArgument<Lead> Lead { get; set; } protected override void Execute(NativeActivityContext context) {
Figure 20-5. Set the opacity of various layers by clicking and dragging the relevant slider in the Layers dialog box.
Figure 8-6. Native apps exposing third-party CHAPI apps
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