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Address friend = new Address(recipient, ""); outgoing.addRecipient(Message.RecipientType.TO, friend); outgoing.setSubject(message); Multipart multipart = new Multipart(); SupportedAttachmentPart file = new SupportedAttachmentPart(multipart, type, filename, data); multipart.addBodyPart(file); TextBodyPart text = new TextBodyPart(multipart); if (encrypt) { text.setContent("The attached file is encrypted, the vector is " + iv); } else { text.setContent("Check this out!"); } multipart.addBodyPart(text); outgoing.setContent(multipart); return outgoing; }
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In the previous section, you wrote a Windows Phone 7 client application that creates a notification channel to the MPN Service to indicate that it wishes to receive push notification messages. By creating a channel, the application has also created an MPNS endpoint to which the web-based application can send POST requests. The endpoint exists on an MPNS server operated by Microsoft and will forward any requests it receives to the appropriate mobile device and application to which the endpoint points. You can create POST requests from virtually any application environment, including web sites, web services, and desktop applications, making this type of notification architecture very flexible and easy to use. In this example, you will create a Windows Forms application that packages POST requests to the URI generated in the previous section. This application will create POST requests and send them off to the MPNS in the cloud, which will in turn properly route the requests to the mobile devices and applications. To ensure proper message routing and successful delivery, there are two key pieces of information that any application sending push notifications to a Windows Phone 7 device must supply. Those key pieces of information are the following:
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forces an SSL connection. It is important to note that Entourage 2008 still uses the now deprecated X509Anchors keychain found at /Library/Keychains. Any custom CA certificates you add will need to be added to that keychain for Entourage to properly resolve the CA chain.
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Open the Input Parameters dialog box for the Get Common ID functoid. Add a constant parameter and set the value to the ID type you wish to crossreference. For instance, you may set the value to something like Customer.ID. Add a second constant parameter to the Get Common ID functoid, and set the value to the source system application instance. For instance, you may set the value to something like Siebel_01. Click OK. Connect the unique source identifier node you wish to cross-reference from the source schema to the Get Common ID functoid. Drag the Get Application ID functoid from the Database Functoids tab onto the map surface, and place it to the right of the Get Common ID functoid. Open the Input Parameters dialog box for the Get Application ID functoid.
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element is at minimum one <siteMapNode> element within the site map. Additional <siteMapNode> elements are located below the root element and can be extended to any quantity. Let s examine the following sample to see how these elements are assembled together. <siteMap> <siteMapNode> <siteMapNode /> <siteMapNode /> </siteMapNode> </siteMap> Any individual <siteMapNode> element has a Url, title, and description attribute. These attributes are defined as follows: Url: The Url attribute may contain a number of items. It can be a virtual path to another page within the web application, a page from another web application, or even a link to another website altogether. Having a Url attribute is important because each of the links needs to have a specified destination in which to redirect the user. title: The title attribute contains the text that will be displayed for the Url or link. For example, within the SiteMapPath control, the title is rendered as the visual text that will provide the user a link to click on and then navigate to the respective URL and page. Without specifying a title, there will not be any text for the hyperlink to display. description: The description attribute provides some background information about the page associated with the URL. This text or verbiage can be used for such items as a ToolTip or even ALT text. Later in the chapter we will discuss programming with the Site Navigation API in which the description attribute and its uses will become more evident. Including a description is helpful rather than absolutely necessary. If a description is omitted, the navigation will continue to function as specified; however, there will not be any ToolTips or ALT text displayed when the user s mouse hovers over the hyperlink.
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drop an existing database, you can do so by issuing a DROP DATABASE company SQL command. The DROP command can also be used for other database artifacts, including tables, views, and stored procedures.
protected void doHelp( RenderRequest renderRequest, RenderResponse renderResponse) throws PortletException, IOException { //return a helpful message renderResponse.setContentType("text/html"); Writer writer = renderResponse.getWriter(); writer.write( "This portlet allows you to change its content and title."); }
Figure 4-18. The Group details block and the link to manage subscriptions
In this chapter, you saw how to handle exceptions thrown by ADO.NET and by the SQL Server database. In particular, you learned how to handle both single and multiple database errors with the System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException class. In the next chapter, you ll look at transactions and how to work with events.
s Note In yet another somewhat confusing bit of terminology, the class is named DataSet, but the generic term is spelled dataset (when one expects data set). Why Microsoft does this is unclear, especially since data set is the more common usage outside ADO.NET. Nonetheless, we ll follow the .NET convention and call DataSet objects datasets.
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