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Before clicking Update, make sure to add the computers you want to give access to on the wireless network. To add a computer, click the plus (+) sign at the bottom of the screen. Now type the AirPort ID of the computer that will be accessing the wireless network. If you want to limit which machines can access the wireless network, then you can click the plus (+) sign. As you can see in Figure 12 13, this opens a screen that enables you to enter the MAC address of the AirPort card (or other wireless adapter). If you are using MAC addresses, only the systems listed will be able to join the wireless network. CAUTION: If the computer configuring the MAC filtering is not configured, it will not be able to tap back into the wireless network and will need to use a wired computer for access once you click Update.
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Figure 12-16. Close-up view of the Immediate window Granted, this is a very simple example of calculating two different numbers, but the important concept to remember is that oftentimes there will be many variables in your application that represent numbers. Then these variables will be used in expressions to be calculated in some manner. To take this idea further, let s add some variables to your code base. The following variables should be added to the Page_Load method coming right after the stringvariable variable. Dim i As Integer = 100 Dim a As Integer = 5 After adding these two variables to the code, run the application, and when the breakpoint is encountered, practice entering some expressions into the Immediate window for it to evaluate. We entered some simple division and multiplication in Figure 12-17.
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Preinstallation Steps
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Defining a Table Through the Query Editor
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Figure 5-11. Writing a SELECT query on an empty table in tempdb
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While working with DOM, you must instantiate the XmlDocument class first and then load the XML document. LINQ to XML, however, allows you to load XML data via static methods, simplifying your code.
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Malware Security: Combating Viruses, Worms, and Root Kits
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Sound like good times It wasn t, and it describes an event that happened to me in my first few weeks on the job. Since that day I have made it my personal mission to make certain that any alerting system of mine would only provide value. Too many times I hear about shops where they are flooded with e-mails. Some are alerts, and some are just informational. I am always looking for things to be efficient, and that is why I only want alerts for items that are actionable. So, let s assume that every alert that comes your way to start is something that requires action on your part. Note that I did not include this in the initial checklist, but only because responding to alerts should be secondary to the tasks discussed previously. How much sense would it be for you to spend hours respond to an alert for one of your least critical systems while the most critical system goes without a database backup for yet another day But now is the time to ask someone, Hey! What is our alerting system If possible you should review the different types of alerts and see if they can be marked critical vs. an informational. How can you judge the seriousness of the alert How do you know if it is truly important Simple if it relates to one of the databases or customers that you are responsible for, then there is no question that you should look into the alert. If it is not one of the items listed previously, then there is no question that you should look into the alert. In other words, if you don t know the answer, then it must be yes. TIP: Remember, if you do not know how serious an alert is, then treat it as if it is very serious.
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Listing 5-10. Declarative XML Configuration of the Transactions
The 10053 Trace File
Authentication mechanisms can be custom or basic. This implies that you could leverage your existing authentication systems using the custom route. Following is an example of a destination-level configuration that uses custom authentication:
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