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Figure 13-2. Creating folders for the different roles
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Ripping Music from CDs
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When this page loads, it takes the xmlToken value off the request parameters. This value was passed in as a hidden form field by the Default.aspx page, and if a card was assigned by the user, it will contain the token associated with that card. It creates an instance of the Token class from this value. This class is implemented in the SDK TokenProcessor.cs class, so make sure you have included it in your solution within the App_Code folder. It provides a collection of the metadata associated with the token (such as name or e-mail address) as a text collection. The page then pulls the values of the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address claims and assigns them to the Text property of the associated ASP .NET label controls. Then, when the page renders, the labels get filled with the values from the card, received via the token and exposed via the claims. You can see the result in Figure 10-13.
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(1) Network name used internally by Linux and software to refer to the local computer, distinct from the network. (2) Default name given to a Linux-based PC when no other name is defined during installation. However, under Ubuntu, the name ubuntu is assigned if no name is defined by the user.
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Each version of Ubuntu has a version number and also a code name. The version number is simply the year of release, followed by the month. The release made in June 2006 has the version number 6.06, for example. If an updated release is made after this, numbers are added to the end. For example, the first update to the 6.06 release is numbered 6.06.1. The code name is how Ubuntu is referred to informally, especially among community members, and is set by Mark Shuttleworth, the creator of Ubuntu. Code names tend to involve animals and are usually humorous. The 6.06 version of Ubuntu is code-named Dapper Drake, for example. The latest 8.04 release is code-named Hardy Heron. People often just use the first word of the code name, especially on Internet forums. For example, the 8.04 release is often referred to as Hardy. This book was written using version 8.04 as a base. This version was released in April 2008. It was the most recent version at the time of this writing. Mark Shuttleworth has announced plans for the 8.10 release, which is code-named Intrepid Ibex. Each successive version of Ubuntu brings improvements, such as newer versions of software packages. However, not all versions of Ubuntu are created equal when it comes to online updates, as provided by the Update Manager program. All versions of Ubuntu come with free software updates for a set period, usually 18 months, after which users are expected to upgrade (for free) to the most recent version at that time.
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s Note User-defined data types (UDTs), either aliases created from base data types or CLR UDTs based on
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The BizTalk custom pipeline component can promote a context property of an inbound message. The component does not alter the content of the original message, but rather creates a property and promotes the property to the message context. As an example of implementing a custom pipeline, we will use the code shown in Listing 4 3, which is a complete C# class library that will compile into a complete custom pipeline assembly. Listing 4 3. Sample Pipeline Assembly Class Library //--------------------------------------------------------------------// File: PropertyPromotionPipelineExample.cs // // Summary: A sample of how to write a pipeline component that // creates a context property. //--------------------------------------------------------------------using System; using System.IO; using System.Collections; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Resources; using System.Reflection; // BizTalk classes using Microsoft.BizTalk.Message.Interop; using Microsoft.BizTalk.Component.Interop; namespace PropertyPromotionPipelineExample { /// <summary> /// BizTalk Server custom pipeline component that creates /// a custom context property for the inbound message. /// </summary> /// // Attribute declarations to identify this class is a pipeline component // and that the assembly can be used in any pipeline stage [ComponentCategory(CategoryTypes.CATID_PipelineComponent)] [ComponentCategory(CategoryTypes.CATID_Any)] [System.Runtime.InteropServices.Guid("63ed4b26-63cd-4d29-9661-f584c94cf858")] public class PropertyPromotionPipelineExample : Microsoft.BizTalk.Component.Interop.IBaseComponent , Microsoft.BizTalk.Component.Interop.IComponent
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You are consuming an inbound message in a flat file structure and must represent the data in an XML schema. The inbound flat file contains records that are both positional and delimited.
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <s:Application xmlns:fx="" xmlns:s="library://" xmlns:mx="library://" minWidth="1024" minHeight="768"> <fx:Script> <![CDATA[ [Bindable] private var xml:XML = <employees> <employee id="1"> <name>Tom</name> <address>1st street</address> <phone>212-111-1111</phone> </employee> <employee id="2"> <name>Tim</name> <address>2st street</address> <phone>212-222-2222</phone> </employee> </employees>; ]]> </fx:Script> <s:Label text="Employee name: {xml.employee.(@id==1).name}" /> </s:Application>
Figure 2 39. Specifying the properties of the record item s child elements Table 2 7. Child Element Properties
Data Type
Start Visual Studio 2010 and create a new project. Choose the Blank Solution template, as shown in Figure 5-1. Enter the solution name as 05.
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