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CHAPTER 7: Client Management
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private var yahooMap:YahooMap; private var location:String = "1 market, san francisco, ca"; private var address:Address = new Address(location); private function creationCompletehandler():void { ExternalInterface.addCallback( "gotoAddress", function(add:String):void { address = new Address( add ); address.addEventListener(GeocoderEvent.GEOCODER_SUCCESS, handleGeocodeSuccess); address.geocode(); }); var appid:String = describeType(this).@name.split("::").join("."); yahooMap = new YahooMap(); yahooMap.addEventListener(YahooMapEvent.MAP_INITIALIZE, handleMapInitialize); yahooMap.init(appid, mapContainer.width, mapContainer.height); mapContainer.addChild(yahooMap); mapContainer.addEventListener(ResizeEvent.RESIZE, handleContainerResize); yahooMap.addPanControl(); yahooMap.addZoomWidget(); yahooMap.addTypeWidget(); } private function handleMapInitialize(event:YahooMapEvent):void { address.addEventListener(GeocoderEvent.GEOCODER_SUCCESS, handleGeocodeSuccess); address.geocode(); } private function handleGeocodeSuccess(event:GeocoderEvent):void { var result:GeocoderResult = address.geocoderResultSet.firstResult; yahooMap.zoomLevel = result.zoomLevel; yahooMap.centerLatLon = result.latlon; "mapComplete" ); } private function handleContainerResize(event:ResizeEvent):void { yahooMap.setSize(mapContainer.width,mapContainer.height); } ]]> </fx:Script> <mx:UIComponent id="mapContainer" width="100%" height="100%"/> </s:Application>
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Visual Studio will launch the default development web server in the background and will host your website in it. It will also open the default browser and navigate to Default.aspx. Figure 11-7 shows the Default.aspx web form in the browser.
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Figure 7-12. The .NET-defined permissions and permission sets
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Test Runners
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CHAPTER 6: Application Signing and Sandbox
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The iPhone Configuration Utility allows for importing and exporting configuration profiles for distribution via email or web browser. To perform this task, first ensure that you have a configuration polished up and ready to go. Once this is done, highlight the profile, and then select either Share or Export from the toolbar, as shown in Figure 10-31. The former option will email the mobile configuration file, the latter will present a standard save dialog box and allow you to specify the name and location for exporting.
These methods work the same way in the portlet environment as they do in the servlet environment, so if you come across an edge case not covered in the portlet documentation, check the servlet discussion groups or other servlet programming resources to see if anyone has had a similar problem.
>kadmin: getprinc imap/ Principal: imap/ Expiration date: [never] Last password change: Wed Aug 19 21:15:56 PDT 2009 Password expiration date: [none] Maximum ticket life: 0 days 10:00:00 Maximum renewable life: 7 days 00:00:00 Last modified: Wed Aug 19 21:15:56 PDT 2009 (diradmin@MYCO.COM) Last successful authentication: [never] Last failed authentication: [never] Failed password attempts: 0 Number of keys: 3 Key: vno 9, Triple DES cbc mode with HMAC/sha1, no salt Key: vno 9, ArcFour with HMAC/md5, no salt Key: vno 9, DES cbc mode with CRC-32, no salt
Figure 7 16. Completing the definition 11. Click the Finish button to complete the vocabulary definition. 12. Select the policy version in the Policy Explorer section of the Business Rule Composer. The properties should appear in the lower-left region of the Business Rule Composer. 13. Select the Fact Retriever property of the policy version, and click the ellipsis that appears. 14. In the Select Configuration component, click the Browse button. In the list of assemblies that appears, select the custom fact retriever created previously in this example (shown in Figure 7 17).
In this section, you will learn how to create XSD schemas in various ways, including the following: Creating the XSD schema manually Creating the XSD schema by using the Visual Studio XML Designer Creating the XSD schema from a database table Creating the XSD schema by using the xsd.exe command-line tool (often called the XML Schema Definition tool) An XSD schema is typically stored in a file with the extension .xsd. A schema consists of various parts, some of which are listed in Table 5-1.
Copy the SWF from the accessed application (main.swf), and place it in the bin-debug folder of the accessing application. Run the accessing application. Figure 11-5 shows the result.
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