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references: 4: Configuration and Deployment 12: Creation of Sinks 13: Extending .NET Remoting 14: Developing a Transport Channel More information on MSDN: frlrfsystemruntimeremotingchannelsichannelclasstopic.asp
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This protocol would require send: and status to be implemented, leaving receive as an option whether to include or to leave out. OK, so you ve spent some time on the first definition of protocols. This should already be familiar to most iPhone software developers. Now you need to understand a new, slightly different and slightly the same version of the term protocol. Why did Apple choose to use the same name twice for different things Well, they didn t. The second use of the term protocol is something that has been around for longer than even Apple. In the early days of computing, instead of the sleek look of an aluminum iMac, you might have had a big black box that housed your processor and a separate, monochrome terminal. The standard terminal used, back in the day, was typically a VT100 attached to your processor enclosure with a serial, or RS-232, cable. To communicate with the VT100 terminal, the processor s operating system used an established set of rules for how and what was to be transmitted over the serial cable. For example, the seven-bit ASCII code 0x13 represented a carriage return and a 0x10 represented a line-feed. So, if the user pressed the enter key on the VT100 terminal, a sequence of 0x13 followed by 0x10 would be sent to the processor and its operating system. This is all fine and good, but what would happen if the processor decided to send something to the terminal at the same time that the terminal sent data to the processor What was needed was a higher-level set of rules, or a traffic cop, to manage who sent data and when. This higher-level set of rules is what is known as a protocol. We call the set of rules by which computers manage communications a protocol. Note that this is not too different from the earlier use of protocol. There, you had a set of rules that control the exchange of data between objects, using Objective-C messages, which may reside on the same processor and memory space. So, to clarify, in this book I will use the term protocol in two different situations. In all situations, a protocol means a set of rules that we have to follow. In the first case, I use protocols to mean the way we send messages back and forth within Cocoa, in other words, the rules that we adhere to for message passing. The second use of protocol, which I will shortly describe in more detail, refers to the rules that govern communications between the iPhone OS and the firmware residing within the external accessory.
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Figure 9-17. Beware if you re asked to type your password out of the blue and for no
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We need to be able to pause a playing song. This is achieved by stopping the soundPosition timer and the channel. We also need to set the isPause flag and keep track of our position so we can resume playing from the same position where we stopped.
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Indexes on n3 and n4 (25 Values)
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performed directly on heterogeneous, general-purpose formats such as XML or even on strings. For example, XML libraries support XPath, accessed via the SelectNodes method on the XmlNode type. If you need to query a large semistructured document whose schema is frequently changing in minor ways, then XPath is the right way to do it. Likewise, if you need to write significant amounts of code that interprets or analyzes a tree structure, then converting to a typed abstract syntax tree is usually better.
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The generated portlet.xml deployment descriptor follows. As you can see, the generated XML has placeholders for the custom portlet modes, custom window states, user attributes, and security constraints:
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s As mentioned earlier, every database vendor has its own implementation of SQL. This discussion is Tip specific to T-SQL; for example, standard SQL doesn t have the != operator and calls <> the not equals operator. In fact, standard SQL calls the expressions in a WHERE clause predicates; we ll use that term because predicates are either true or false, but other expressions don t have to be. If you work with another version of SQL, please refer to its documentation for specifics.
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Execution Plan ( Autotrace) ---------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=1127 Card=2000 Bytes=4114000) 1 0 HASH JOIN (Cost=1127 Card=2000 Bytes=4114000) 2 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'BUILD_TAB' (Cost=255 Card=2000 Bytes=2060000) 3 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'PROBE_TAB' (Cost=255 Card=10000 Bytes=10270000) We can do the same arithmetic with the values from user_tab_columns to discover that the bytes figures are indeed number of rows * sum of column lengths giving us 2MB of data from the smaller data set, and 10MB from the larger data set. Because the small data set is now larger than the available memory, Oracle is clearly going to have to adopt a more complex strategy for handling the hash table and this problem is echoed in the cost of the join (1,127), which is now far more than the cost of the two tablescans (255) that are needed to acquire the data in the first place. The difference in cost is largely the effect of the optimizer s estimate of the increased I/O that will occur at run time. Because the hash table is too big to fit into memory, some of it has to be dumped to disk and subsequently reread. Moreover, a similar fraction of the probe table
CHAPTER 5: Specifying a Pong Game
Body.fxp Footer.fxp Header.fxp LeftNav.fxp in the package explorer. See Body project import into Flash Builder (Figure 3-19).
Figure 10 5. Intel 8051 architecture
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