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Software as a Service (SAAS) is a major initiative for the future of the Web. This is an evolution of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), where a paradigm shift in how software is developed is taking place. Instead of thinking of traditional application development, developers are encouraged to think about small, nimble, reusable components, and to build these as services that can be exposed reliably and securely across the network. These components can then be assembled into distributed applications. Using next-generation presentation technology, these applications can provide a great user experience. At the heart of it all is the question of how we reuse the code that we write. We want long-term returns on our investments in building software assets but how do we achieve this In the 1980s, object orientation was the craze. It was based on the idea of building reusable abstract definitions of functionality (called classes), which provided the template for objects, and for more complex inherited objects. So, for example, a class that defines a type of object called a car could be defined, and a more sophisticated object called a sports car could derive from this, inheriting (and thus reusing) the attributes of the original car class. In a world where code was written procedurally, and most reuse was in cutting and pasting code from one routine to another, this was revolutionary. It brought about new benefits such as polymorphism, where dynamic binding to methods and events could happen at runtime, and encapsulation, the facility to hide and expose certain parts of your code to the outside world. However, the drawback was that once an application was built, it was built, and it was static. There was no easy way to put new functionality into an application other than to recode, rebuild, and redeploy it. Later, the concept of components evolved from object orientation. It was designed to make the developer think about the external interface of their application and how other people could use it. Now an application could load and bind to new functionality at
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Creates an array with specified rank and size. Tests for equality (inherited from Object). Tests reference equality, not whether elements are equal.
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Figure 8-28. phpBB 3.0 has many policies for the user. Thank goodness for presets!
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Server Management Studio Express in 2 for instructions if you need to refresh your memory on how to connect to SSMSE.
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You now have the root functionality that will enable you to bind your page s UI to your data source.
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AFP Authentication Options
CHAPTER 7: Securing Web Browsers and E-mail
Download at
We create a table of 500,000 rows that requires two lookups to expand meaningless code numbers into recognizable descriptions. I have restricted the test case to just a pair of reference sets with similar numbers of entries in each set to avoid some of the oddities that I mention in the next section, and to keep the arithmetic straightforward. Consider the following query: select t1.small_vc, type1.description from t1, type1 where and and and ; type1.type type1.description between 1000 and 1999 = t1.class1_code = 'CURRENCY' = 'GBP'
phpBB provides several facilities for working with sessions. A lot of these facilities are automatically called during the script execution and rarely need manipulation. However, you may need to work with these functions if your modifications use custom pages. While browsing the phpBB code, you may have noticed the existence of an append_sid() function surrounding every hyperlink URI, like this: $foo_uri = "<a href=\"" . append_sid($phpbb_root_path . "index.php") . "\">"; If you ever code a hyperlink in the phpBB source code, this is a necessary evil. The append_sid() function, when used around a URI, adds a session ID to the end of that URI to facilitate a continuous session for users who elect not to accept cookies in their browser. Typically, this session ID an MD5 hash of a hashed version of the user s IP address is passed via cookies from page to page, not requiring the passing of a session ID between URIs. It is good practice to make sure append_sid() is used consistently whenever you create a new hyperlink, as forgetting to use this function can cause continuity issues with users who are logged in without cookies. If they click a link on your site that does not have the session ID built in, this can cause phpBB to generate a new session, which may result in problems with topic marking and other related functions.
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